3D Printed Bongs: Definition, Types, and Making Process

Hands down, 3D printed bongs are becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to make their smoking experience way more enjoyable! In fact, you can customize your own 3D printed bong at home without anyone’s assistance.

There are a variety of designs for you to choose from. So today, I’m going to talk about some different types of bongs you can make using a 3D printer. I’d also like to share a few more information related to it. So let’s get straight into it without further ado.

What Are 3D Printed Bongs?

Indeed, 3D printed bongs are a new form of a smoking device made from the same substance you use to make your bong. The process begins by modeling a 3d file in CAD software then sending it via computer to the printer. Bongs are usually made from recyclable materials. 

But with 3d printed bongs, there are no resins or metals used. So they are eco-friendly. 3d printed bongs are 100% customizable. They come in a variety of designs and sizes. With the endless creativity of the internet, some people develop new designs every day. It is also possible to make a 3d printed bong out of ice.

Different Types of 3D Bongs

Whether you want something futuristic or classical in design, there is surely an option for someone with any taste. So here are some 3D-printed bongs:

Inflatable Bong

This amazing bong from Pinhole 3D is made from weighted plastic and is air-tight. So, it’s perfect for discreet smoking in your place. To preserve the plastic’s buoyancy, the base of this inflatable bong can fill with a tiny ball of gas.

So, it rises when you inhale and sinks back down when you exhale. The bong also has a ‘gurgle’ on top to give that extra special flavor to your smoke.

Designer Beaker Bong

You can customize the Beaker bong can with the designer’s drawings, and the price will depend on the number of alterations. The bong is made from ABS plastic. It has a stable base, and it is tall. Although this 3D-printed bong isn’t exactly cheap, it’s pretty cool.

Percolator Bong

Percolators help to increase filtration and smoothness during your smoking session. This 3D-printed bong from Bartkira has a double percolator. It means before you inhale it, you can fill the smoke.

Perc Bong

This easy-to-clean 3D printed bong from The Secret Garden features a built-in metal diffuser that cools down the smoke while making it smoother to inhale. This would be an amazing gift for anyone who likes to get creative with their smoking session.

Self-Made Bong

You can also make your own style bong by using your 3D printer. People can make their custom self-made designs for bongs. You can learn how to make a DIY bong like this one on instructible.

Things Needed to Make 3D Printed Bong

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and your favorite modeling software. You just need a printer and the right type of PLA filament. There are many different types of 3d printers, and you will have to decide on the type of printer you want to buy. 

You can make your own bongs with 3D printers in a wide range of colors. To make a bong, you’ll need cardboard, scissors, silicone sealant, alcohol, or acetone to clean the surface if necessary, and a plastic container with a lid that can hold water and ice cubes.

What to Consider for Making Your Own 3D Printed Bong?

  • 3D printers produce objects by melting and laying down successive layers of material. The material should be plastics or metals in a process known as additive manufacturing. A 3D printer can create objects with more complex shapes than ordinary paper, how? Well, the computer-controlled movement of the printer’s head enables three-dimensional quality.
  • To create the best possible 3d printed bong, you should look into a 3d printer with software. It allows for advanced features such as adding features such as advanced temperature control or having aluminum bedding. 
  • Price is also a major factor when selecting your 3d printing bed. We should thank this new breakthrough in technology. You can get a chance to design your own smoking equipment with smoke smoothness in mind. 

The Drawbacks When Making 3D Printed Bong

A 3D printed bong is more durable and safer than glass. 3D printing makes it much easier to iterate designs, and the process is much quicker, too. However, there are some drawbacks to making a 3D printed bong with resin. Some of them are as follows:

  • The material may fill with bubbles after printing if you do not print correctly or use an incorrect setting on your printer.
  • Apart from that, bubbles may cause uneven thickness, which will result in cracking or other deformities after use and may cause cracks in the water pipe when bent over for pipe bowls.
  • The resin may harden inside your 3D printed bong. It can happen when the 3D printed material is too cold or hot, causing it to cave in.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

  1. Is It Hassle-free to 3D Print a Bong?
    Yes, 3D-printed bongs are not a tough task now. You can even make different types of custom designs by yourself.
  2. Is PETG Safe to Smoke Out Of?
    You can generally consider PETG a safer material to smoke out of than other plastics, such as polycarbonate. The smoke comes from monogamous and pure PETG is not good for health.

Final Words!

As you know, 3D printed bongs are a great way to get creative with your smoking experience. They are also a nice go-to in order to save money as you can print them yourself using a 3D printer.

So if you are looking for a new way to smoke or just want to have some fun with your buddies, 3D printed bongs can be your cup of tea!


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