5 Best 3D printed elephant models (Quick Checklist)

If you’re looking for a way to own an elephant without actually buying one, you can fulfill your dream via these 3D-printed Elephant models. While no one would wake up from sleep and decide to buy an elephant, you could watch a movie that pushes you to fall in love with elephants.

So, whether you’re a temporary elephant owner or elephants are your spirit animal, and you want to hold them close to your heart, a 3D printed elephant model can bring you closer to an elephant that you can imagine. Whatever your reason is for needing to print a 3D elephant, there are tons of models in the market. Keep reading to discover the best 3D-printed elephants.

Low-Poly Elephant Trophy

Having an elephant trophy hanging on your wall beautifies your wall. But what makes it more beautiful is obtaining an elephant trophy that doesn’t require killing an elephant, and that’s what this 3D printed model affords you. It is a better replacement for Elephant poaching. Of course, if you care for the environment and animals, you’d avoid elephant poaching as 30% of the Elephant race has been wiped out by poaching.

To protest elephant poaching, you can print yourself an elephant trophy that’ll sit pretty on your wall. Although this version comes in a dull grey color, you can touch yours up with any paint color of your choice.

Hammer23 created it, and you can download it from Thingiverse. To print this model perfectly, you’ll need to print it on a raft with 20% infill. You also have to print at 0.2mm speed.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2266661

Elephant Smartphone Holder

Are you looking for something fancy for your phone, like a phone holder to hold your phone in place? Well, here’s something for you. This 3D printed model doesn’t only work as a phone holder. It also doubles as a fancy decorator for your table. It is small in size and is perfect for any smartphone model.

We’re not exactly sure if it works for iPhone. But we do know that you can print a bigger version of this 3D-printed elephant model for your laptop or iPad. The best part is that there’s no complication to its derails. It is effortless to print. It’s pretty popular on Thingiverse, and learnbylayers3d created this model.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1090678

Old Elephant Pitcher

This elephant pitcher is one of the coolest 3D-printed elephant models on Thingiverse. One glance at it, and you’d almost think it’s a beautifully molded artwork. Designed by Smithsonian Digitization 3D, this 3D-printed Elephant is an angry elephant that comes loaded with other animals.

There’s a mini-elephant on its back, along with masks and dragons. Although there’s not enough data on how popular this particular 3D elephant model is, it is a pretty cool design that any art collector or elephant lover would love to have sitting pretty on their shelf or hanging on the wall. After printing it, feel free to modify it however you want. Also, there are no instructions attached to print this model.

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Sitting Calf

Full-blown elephants aren’t the only creature that deserves to be printed. Their babies (called Calf) are also great 3Dprintable material. If you get the printing of this model right, you can give it to your growing niece as a gift as it is a lovely gift. Although this Calf is small, you can also print it out for yourself.

Then, decorate your shelf with it. Unlike other models that come with instructions on perfecting their designed models, this elephant model doesn’t because it is small. Feel free to tush it up with some paint. Regardless of how small and easy to print this model is, many people on Thingiverse love it and have tried it.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:744590

Elephant Family Puzzle

One fascinating fact about this 3D elephant version is that it displays the Elephant family feature. That’s why it is called an Elephant family puzzle. It features two elephants curled up against each other. The first Elephant has its trunk hanging over the head of the second Elephant, which seems to embrace the first Elephant in its way.

This posture is symbolic of the matriarchy that governs the elephant family. In essence, the female Elephant runs the elephant race; she is the boss. So, while this might seem like a male and female elephant, it is, in fact, two female elephants, with the first Elephant being the mother or matriarch and the second being the daughter.

This powerful message is passed across in this simple 3D-printed elephant piece; you can place it in visible spots around the house to decorate the home or use it as a gift. You should know about this puzzle because it’s a 2D model, but it is flexible as it works like a puzzle and an art piece.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2623860

Wrap Up

With over five amazing 3D-printed Elephants to mess around with, you’ll have your house filled with amazing and unique shapes of elephants in no time. It is a great way to display your love for Elephants.

From the smartphone holder to the Elephant award that you can hang on the way, your house will start to look like an artistic haven in no time.

The best part about any of these 3D-printed elephants is that they work great as presents for family members, friends, and acquaintances.


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