3D Printed Sword: A Comprehensive List of Epic Models!

In medieval times, swords were integral to a knight’s armament. Finding one that fits you properly was the key to success in battle. Many medieval swords may preserve in museums and belong to different collections.

That said, you cannot afford to own one of those. But you definitely can make 3D printed sword with your own hands! But do you have your design idea? Don’t worry even if the answer is “No.”

Guess why?

Because I’m here to introduce you to a few popular sword design ideas. You can also customize the design and add something new to it. So, why are we waiting? Let’s scroll down slowly and discover new techniques!

Most Epic 3D Printed Sword Models

Here are the most epic models. You can find them in different materials and sizes. So, it depends on you which model you need in your collection.

WoW Frostmourne Sword 3D Model

The Frostmourne sword is an ancient artifact. You may get inspired by the famous “Frostmourne” sword of ArthasMenethil, the Lich King, in the Warcraft universe.

This sword also serves as a symbol of power for the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It has lost in a frozen lake until it rises. This sword has an edge of blue crystals, and the blade comes with ice runes.

The crossguard has a ring on each end, which goes into the hilt. It looks very nice in hand, especially when you use it in melee fighting techniques. You can add something different to this design.

Wolf Knight’s Sword – 3D Printed Model

Wolf Knight’s sword has a design similar to medieval swords used in the 15th century in Western Europe. It is an excellent sword for Cosplay purposes, and you will make yourself look great with this handsome sword.

This wolf knight’s sword is fully 3D printed with accurate measurements and specifications as per Fantasy Weapons Standards. It also has an elegant blade, giving it an additional edge over other swords of the same kind.

Katana 3D Sword

Ever since swords first emerged as weapons, people get fascinated with them. Much more than just a tool for combat. It comes with a status symbol, the sword associated with power and nobility. As such, owning a genuine sword is not only just a material desire but also a symbol of pride.

For this reason alone, owning an authentic sword is very precious to sword lovers. By using 3D printing technology, it is now possible for you to own it without forking out too much money for it.

Skyrim Sword Design

Skyrim Sword is a well-designed sword made by the designer. He used to make ornaments using the 3D printer. So, he thought of creating a sword with a full metal material through 3D printing. The result was awesome.

He took inspiration from the video game Skyrim and its famous Dragon Sword as inspiration for this sword design. It’s got an elegant feel to it, with an aggressive look.

Guardian 3D Sword

The Guardian 3D-printed sword has a strong and beautiful look. This sword design has come from the Guardian, an angelic in the movie Halo 2. The designer on Shapeways created this model. It looks like a fantasy blade with a medieval design.

This model’s blade is fully 3D printed with very accurate measurements and specifications as per Fantasy Weapons Standards. It also has an elegant blade, giving it an additional edge over other swords of the same kind.

3D Printed Triton Sword

The Triton sword is a classic item used by the Greek God of the seas in ancient times. As far as I know, this sword appeared out of nowhere when needed. Although few modern people will try to replicate this blade, it’s still a beautiful model. You should look if you want it with customization.

Collapsible 3D printed sword

If you take a sword piece and fold it together like a pocket knife, it will be good. The creator has been inspired by the game Dark Souls. This project took him around a few hours to print, but faster printing will depend on your printer.

Master 3D Sword

What happens when you take a recognizable piece of pop culture and make it into a sword? You get an awesome-looking sword, that’s it! This sword follows the design of Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda.

You can also create it yourself for personal use or as a gift. The great thing about owning this sword is keeping your blade safe, away from prying eyes.

Halo Energy Sword

This file is a 3D print of the Halo Energy Sword. It’s one of my favorites because it looks great, and it’s super easy to print. One of the first things you need to understand before creating your masterpiece model is how you can build things using this technology.

The blade on this sword is shorter than the handle itself. It looks like the handle is bigger than the blade itself, but that’s how it works. It’s not a mistake in the STL file. So, have fun with that one!

Darksaber 3D Printed Sword

This 3D-printed sword is completely based on the design of “Darksaber”. It’s a unique weapon that comes with the time of “Aragorn, Arwen, and the Ring”. It’s a powerful blade with several magical properties that affect its foes and wielder alike.

3D Printed Kryptonite Sword

The name of this model says it all. It comes with Kryptonite which is pretty interesting and something you might not expect. The person who created this sword did a lot of research. The inventor researched to ensure that the sword would have the same strength.

Gladius Sword Design

This sword is from the movie “Gladiator” and Russell Crowe played it. He holds the sword in his hand during most of the film, although he gets a chance to use it once.

Although it’s a movie prop, you can still create your own replica with its steel frame. You can also add different ideas so that you can use it as a prop or even make another replica.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

This sword is similar to Master Sword. It comes with a strong metal called “Damascus steel.” It has great detail and is fun to use and show off to your friends.

You can see the details on the handle, despite how small it is. I like the way that this looks. Hopefully, it does for you as well.

Daedric Dagger

Sheogorath has made the Daedric Sword. It has a strong steel frame with a handle engraved with runes and gemstones. If you look closely at it, you’ll be able to tell that it’s a sword made with love and respect.

The Sword Of Omens

This sword is popular as “The Sword of Omens,” and it’s another replica based on a popular anime and manga series. It has created by a talented 3D artist named Craig Johnson, who wanted to make these replicas available to others.

This sword looks awesome. I think it would look great on someone’s belt or hanging on the wall as decoration.

Fiora Sword Model

This model is based on “Fiora’s Sword” from “Tales of Vesperia”. The sword comes with steel coated in silver and looks great when held in your hand. It’s a unique-looking sword, and you can never go wrong with it. So, you can try this model.

Narsil 3D Sword

People know this sword as “Narsil,” and Aragorn used it during the War of the Ring. This one is not a working weapon, but it’s an interesting replica nonetheless.

It is another great model if you are a big fan of The Lord of The Rings movie series. You can easily create your sword by using your 3D printer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

  1. How Do You 3D Print A Big Sword?
    The first thing you’ll determine is the size of your sword. It will depend on the size of the nozzle and bed on your 3D printer. The bigger these two parts are, the larger your sword can potentially be.
  2. How Do You Paint A 3D Printed Sword?
    Spray-on primers effectively cover the content on your work surface evenly and quickly. It would be best to clean the paint with a brush, but they do poorly and rapidly cover large areas.

Final Thoughts!

3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing process, and it is only going to continue to grow in popularity. It offers a new way to produce swords.

Indeed, you can use the technology to create customized swords for any purpose, making them an affordable and accessible option for a unique gift.

So if you’re looking for a unique 3D printed sword, I’ve already shared a vast amount of ideas. Feel free to choose one from them and make your own customized sword. Happy printing!


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