In-depth Review of Elegoo Jupiter, A Big Resin 3D Printer

Elegoo has been a pretty popular name when it comes to larger resin printers. So, when this printer giant announced its latest and greatest offering, the Elegoo Jupiter, it took the printing enthusiast’s attention by storm.

Though the printer is yet to release in May 2022, there have been leaks and specifications flying around. As for now, there are some really interesting additions, which make Elegoo Jupiter one of the most anticipated large resin printers ever. So, before it makes t way to the market, let’s look at what this printer is offering and how it stacks up against the already established large resin printers on the market.

Elegoo Jupiter Resin 3D Printer Features

  • 277.484 X 156.06 X 300mm build volume
  • All-metal structure
  • 12.8″ 6K LCD screen
  • 5″ capacitive touch screen
  • Automatic resin feeding system
  • High-density integrated COB source
  • FEP 2.0 film
  • Built-in mini air purifier
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Built-in carrying handles
  • One year Chitubox Pro subscription
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The Benefits & Drawbacks of the Elegoo Jupiter Resin 3D Printer

Before we jump into the review of individual aspects of Elegoo Jupiter, let’s have a quick look at the benefits and the drawbacks of Elegoo.

Benefits of Elegoo Jupiter

  • Larger build volume is the most obvious benefit of Elegoo Jupiter. With all the goodness of its previous models and more, Jupiter’s build volume dwarfs its predecessors.
  • Elegoo Jupiter comes with auto resin feeding. Before, auto resin feeding was an exclusive feature for high-end industrial resin printers.
  • All new 5″ colored touch screen control panel now comes with an updated multi-language UI for better printing access and convenience.
  • High-quality design and build quality with an all-metal housing. No matter where you put the printer, you don’t have to worry about the durability.
  • An update over predecessors with 12.8″ 6K LCD screen. The higher resolution allows you to have a more polished and precise printing result.
  • Elegoo Jupiter comes with a free one-year subscription to Chitubox Pro. This updated version of Chitubox offers some pretty helpful features to make the whole printing process more convenient.

Drawbacks of Elegoo Jupiter

  • Though the inclusion of Chitubox Pro seems like a great addition, the incompatibility with other slicing software can be a drawback for some.
  • Though the accuracy of 51 microns is pretty standard, as a last-generation resin printer, it was expected to see a better accuracy from Elegoo Jupiter.

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The Elegoo Jupiter Resin 3D Printer Ratings

Elegoo Jupiter Resin 3D Printer Ratings
  • Build Volume
  • Screen
  • Design and Build
  • Extra Features

Now that we are done with the features, benefits, and drawbacks, let’s discuss individual aspects of Elegoo Jupiter and see how it performs.

Build Volume

Build volume is an important aspect of any printer to print bigger stuff. With Elegoo Jupiter, it’s even more important as it’s supposed to compete with other large-scale resin printers on the market. As for now, it seems like Elegoo has managed to bump it up a notch with its biggest build volume yet.

Elegoo brings good news for fans who have been waiting for a printer with a large build volume. This particular printer has a build volume of massive 277 x 156 x 300 mm; Jupiter is almost three times bigger than its previous biggest Elegoo Saturn. Though some bigger options are available at a slightly higher price than Elegoo Jupiter, the bigger volume is still a welcome addition to Jupiter.


To deliver optimal performance, Elegoo had to pair the massive print area with an enormous screen. In that regard, Elegoo seems to provide a 12.8-inch LCD screen. In addition, the screen also boasts 6K resolution, an upgrade over the Elegoo Saturn’s 4K display.

This screen can print at an accuracy of 51 microns. That will definitely bring a new layer of high precision to your printing game. Though some of the large competitors offer a better accuracy number, it’s still debatable whether 50 micron is outdated. For now, it’s negligible as the difference will be barely noticeable with naked eyes.

Design and Build

As the latest Flagship printer, Elegoo put a lot of effort into the design and build. At first glance, you’ll notice how durable and stylish this printer looks. This time, Jupiter comes with an all-metal body backed by aluminum handles and other parts.

Not only it’s durable, but it boasts a modular design to allow the user a quick assembly and disassembly. Previously, there were some Z-axis wobbling issues with Elegoo printers. This time Elegoo addressed this time dual rail-guided lead screw with four sliders. Lastly, the build allows installing different extensions like the Z-axis expansion kits to upgrade the axis to a staggering 500mm!

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Extra Features

There are some minor features that make a huge impact on the overall usability of Elegoo Jupiter. These features include:

  • Auto resin feeding is ready to set foot in Elegoo with Jupiter. This feature previously seen with more premium printers prevents running out of resin in mid-print. Though it’s yet to be seen how the unorthodox method of auto feeding handles color blend, it’s a great feature to have on board.
  • Inside the printer, an LED light lights up when you open the printer. Now watching what’s going on inside is easier than ever with this lighting.
  • With the built-in carbon air purifier, you don’t have to deal with the bad smell of printing anymore. Additionally, the good news is that these filters will be replaceable.
  • Elegoo Jupiter comes with a powerful COB light source for a better and more precise light utilization and distribution. Ultimately, it results in more polished prints.

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The Elegoo Jupiter 3D printer Alternatives

  • Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K
    This printer has one of eh biggest printing areas found in any resin 3D printer on the market. So if that’s your main concern for your projects, this is worth a look. Additionally, features like an 8K screen and factory-level print plate make this a viable Elegoo Jupiter alternative.
  • Phenom by Peopoly
    Another great alternative of Elegooo Jupiter. The price is definitely a drawback, but that’s backed up by the large printing area and the excellent print quality. If you can deal with the loud fan noise and a bit confusing UI, Phenom can be a great option for you.

Youtube: ELEGOO Jupiter: 12.8″ 6K Mono MSLA 3D Printer | Kickstarter

Final Verdict

As Elegoo Jupiter hasn’t been released yet, we have to wait a few months to see how it performs. But right now, from the look of it, Elegoo Jupiter packs all the punches like MSLA technology, COB light source, and auto resin feed to dominate the large volume resin printer space.


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