Elegoo mars vs Anycubic photon: Two desktop LCD 3D printers

If you are into 3D printing and looking for printers for mini 3D models, then you have already heard of Elegoo mars and Anycubic Photon. These printers are top choices for mini 3D printers, and I think they have all the right to be there.

Now, the real dilemma is the choice between these two. It isn’t easy to choose one, even for us as 3D printer tech support. So, how do you make a choice?

Well, the best way to find that out is to go through a detailed comparison. That’s why we will go through a detailed comparison of both these printers after testing them out ourselves. Without wasting much time, let’s get things underway.

The LCD 3D printer specifications

Before all the in-depth information, let’s take a look at the technical specifications of the printers.

Elegoo Mars Pro MSLA Specifications

  • Display: LCD 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • Build volume: 120 x 68 x 155mm
  • Connectivity: USB, SD Card
  • Dimensions: 401 x 419 x 200 mm
  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • Input rating: 110V/220V AC
  • XY resolution: 47 microns
  • Z resolution: 10+ microns

ANYCUBIC Photon UV Specifications

  • Display: LCD 2.8-inch touchscreen
  • Build volume: 115 x 65 x 155mm
  • Connectivity: USB, SD Card
  • Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 400 mm
  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • Input rating: m110V/220V AC
  • XY resolution: 47 microns
  • Z resolution: 10+ microns

Well, you can already see there aren’t many differences in the technical specifications of these printers. So, there is no way to choose an option for your needs without checking out the in-depth comparison.

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Review Methodology

Why should you even trust our words, and how would it help? That’s a common question many people may ask.

We are a professional 3D printing tech support team. So, get acquainted with the best 3D printers is a part of our job. From that responsibility, we go through different 3D printers and their functionality so we can help people who are struggling with 3D printers.

And this isn’t a new thing for us, as we have been doing this for quite a long time now. So, you can rely on our experience and the information we share from our expertise. Along with all that, we also did our thorough research on these printers to know the user experiences, so you get a piece of that as well.

Review of Elegoo Mars Pro and ANYCUBIC Photon UV

First, we will look at both the printers individually, so you get the idea for both of them. Then we will move into the comparison of them based on different factors. So, let’s get started.

Elegoo Mars Pro MSLA

With the Elegoo mars, you are looking at some easy miniature 3D printing experience. As a beginner, there are tons of features that you will love, the first one being easy usage. Also, this one comes at a reasonable price point that is just great to start your 3D printing journey.

Setup and use

What we found very convenient on this printer was its ease of setup. There isn’t much of a setup at all. You have to loosen two screws and then place the plate into the bottom. Lastly, you will need to do some leveling, and that’s all you need to get started with printing.

Don’t worry there, because it still comes with clear instructions, so setting this up won’t be a problem. As for the usage, no complications or trouble are going on there either. With the software you get for Elegoo mars, your work becomes much simpler than you can imagine.

The software is packed up with all the features you will require for printing models. And it also comes with a lot of adjustable settings that help you get the perfect result for your model in every print. You can do most types of 3D printing modeling with this printer right out of the box.

Now, this is a resin printer, so it’s already a lot less troublesome than filament printing. And you get to have better results at the same time. So, everything works out for you right from the get-go.

Even in terms of resin printing, this one puts some impressive print qualities out there. You won’t even have to go through any adjustment settings to get some decent quality printing out of this. And when you make some adjustments, this thing produces results on a whole new level.

What you get on this printer are detailed prints that come with sturdy built. So, neither you have to worry about the quality of the prints nor the durability. Overall, this is something amazing to have just based on the print quality solely.

Build and design

The design of the printer is as modern as you can get with 3D printers. It has a stylish, sleek finish with a good cover. There are no exposed parts that you usually get to see in many 3D printers. Overall, the design has its merits that you will love to see.

As for the build quality, it’s not very heavy, so you can carry it wherever you want. The size is also quite small. However, that’s also a reason for a smaller build volume. Although it doesn’t matter too much since your purpose is to make miniature models, it all works out.

Moving forward with the built, you get to see a removable lid that can block UV rays. While this can be annoying for some, it’s also a bit necessary at the same time because you don’t want exposed UV rays to fly around the room.


Well, along with the quality and easy use of this printer, the price is just too good to be true. You get absolute value for money on this printer, considering the quality and features you get. It has an affordable price tag that suits the preferences of beginners perfectly.

For someone looking to get into 3D printing, this one can be a great place to start. Even for the intermediate or advanced user, it’s not a bad choice considering the print quality it provides.


With a little learning curve for beginners, this can be a great gateway to 3D printing for you. It has got excellent quality and features that come at a reasonable price tag. And when you combine everything on this resin printer, it’s for sure better than an FDM printer any day.

Setup and use

A great thing about this 3D printer is that it comes all assembled. You don’t have to do any setup or assembly on this one. Well, you have to screw a knob on the printer’s door; that isn’t that much of a work, right?

However, just like any other printer, you will need to go through the bed leveling process. The leveling is pretty much the same as any FDM printer, so you shouldn’t have any problems if you have done that. But if you haven’t, don’t worry, you will have the instructions in the manual.

Now, what’s a bit tricky about this is the use of the software. It has got its software that you might not have used ever before. Also, the settings and system have a learning curve, so it’s better to go with the default settings initially.

One word for the print quality of this printer, impressive. You get the smoothest finish on the bottom of your model, which is usually hard to get in 3D printing. For the details of your printed models, they are as good as they can get.

If you have a simple design to print, you can get results that almost have layer free look in them. This gives off the smoothest finish vibe on your printed models. You only get to see this in some high-quality printers out there.

As for the complex models, you shouldn’t be worried too much either. With some additional support structures and adjustments, you can get top-quality results on them as well.

Built and design

This one has an excellent design that is very convenient to use. It comes with an easily removable door that doesn’t take too much effort to open or close. It’s attached to the printer with hinges, so you get access to the resin and plate without any issue at all.

As for the build quality, there is nothing to complain about at all here. It has a decent structure with a sturdy built. Every part of the printer has quality materials that have premium end finishing throughout.


The best part about this 3D printer is its value for money aspect. With the kind of print quality you get from this printer, you will never have any issues paying the price you pay for it. It’s a very affordable choice that comes with some of the best quality prints you can get.

Elegoo mars vs. Anycubic photon

Now, it’s time to get into the comparison and see which comes out as a winner. Are you excited to see it? Then let’s get on with it right away.

We have broken this down into some aspects and factors you may consider while buying a 3D printer.

You can already tell from the above discussion; there is no clear winner here. Both the printers bring out some top-quality prints, and you will be satisfied with both the results. So, if you have concerns with print quality, any of them is a fine choice without any second thoughts.

Usability and setup

Let’s get something straight; with both the printers, you will have to do some bed leveling; there is no escaping that. Moving on ahead, with the Elegoo mars, there are some tiny assembly works like screwing and unscrewing things, whereas Anycubic comes fully assembled.

But don’t jump to conclusions because Elegoo mars is an easier printer to use in terms of usability. The reason is its software and all the functionality that you need to know to use this one. It’s an already known software, so anyone will be able to use it properly.

On the other hand, Anycubic Photon has a little learning curve that you will need to go through before properly using all the features. But it’s not that difficult to learn, and you should be fine.

So, in terms of ease of usage and for beginners, Elegoo Mars is a slightly better choice than Anycubic Photon.

Build volume

In terms of build volume, Elegoo Mars is a clear winner with a larger build volume. Although the difference between the two isn’t that much. You can even ignore the difference between the build volume. It’s that low.

On paper and in number, Elegoo mars have a larger build volume than the Anycubic Photon.

Performance and build

Now, this can get very close with both the printers. Elegoo mars have some issues with the loud fan to keep away the resin odor. Anycubic Photon doesn’t seem to have that issue which is a plus.

On the other hand, Elegoo mars give you a lot of easy customization and adjustments options that you can’t get on the Anycubic Photon because of its proprietary software.

Along with all that, the software for Elegoo mars gives you files compatible with other software. But Anycubic comes with proprietary software that only works for this particular printer and software.

In any case, you can’t choose a clear winner in terms of build and performance because they both have their excellence and flaws.


In short, there is no clear winner here, and choosing one will always be tough. But if you want excellent quality and smooth finish on your printed models, Anycubic is a good choice.

On the other hand, as a beginner, we recommend getting the Elegoo mars pro because of its ease of operation. As for the print quality and price, they both are pretty similar. So, you can choose any of them at the end of the day and be happy with the results.

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