Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Review: Perfect for Beginners!

Here I am reviewing the Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer from different perspectives.

When you’re thinking about having a new 3D printer and want to see how it stacks up against similar works, here it is! The rating chart can help you make better decisions.

Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Performance Ratings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Printing Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Support


The main goal of this Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer is to create something quality but affordable that you can use for everyday applications such as home decoration, toys, jewelry, and more

Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer

If you’re looking for 3D printers that are perfect for beginners like school-going students or fresher, you can think about the Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer. Just set up this printer on a desk or table, it won’t take up too much space! Furthermore, the transparent housing design allows you to see the internal workings of this printer.

Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Specifications

Specific information about the 3D printer helps you narrow down before heading out and spending money on the right printer.

  • Brand: HobbyKing
  • Print Bed Size: 80x80x80 mm
  • Weight: 10.71 Kilograms
  • Print speed: up to 300 mm/sec
  • Filament: 1.75
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Material: PLA, ABS
  • Power supply: 12V 6A Transformer
  • Software: Repetier-Host

In this Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Review, I’ll discuss the benefits of using the 3D printer and how they work. So let’s get to know more about it.

Fabrikator Mini 3d printer pros

Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Pros and Cons

The Fabrikator Printer has some great features and benefits with a few drawbacks. Before I go through its drawbacks, I’d like to highlight some of its positives.


  • The large build area allows you more flexibility.
  • Easy to assemble and great for beginners.
  • Compact and lightweight, that’s why you can easily move it.
  • Open-source software for printing from your computer.
  • Use of multiple extruders to print multiple colors at once.
  • A metallic base plate makes it sturdier to use.


  • The filament holder is a bit too small for the larger filament rolls!
  • It’s free from a built-in power supply, so you have to buy this separately!

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The Overview of Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer

Fabrikator Mini 3d printer can be perfect for home use or creative enthusiasts who want to experiment with 3d printing. It’s affordable and comes in a robust and lightweight design. Are you interested to know how this printer looks after unboxing? It comes next…

Fabrikator Mini 3d printer using

What Is The Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Like Physically?

After opening the box, there are two big plastic bags with the printer parts and accessories, which reduces dust from entering the printer during transportation. The printer has many interchangeable parts so that you can purchase some extra extruders or nozzles.

This Fabrikator Mini Printer is a compact, affordable, all-in-one desktop 3D printer with accuracy on both the X and Y axes. It’s suitable for beginners and professionals alike, with wireless printing capabilities, automatic filament detection, leveling, etc.

The printer comes in a large size box and weighs approximately 10Kg. This 3D Printer is fully assembled and out of the box, ready to go, with all metal parts being powder-coated black. Apart from the design, the plastic body parts are very sturdy. The transparent panels allow you to see the printer’s working status.

How Is The Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Used?

You can control the Fabrikator Mini through the integrated Touch Screen, allowing for a fast and efficient printing workflow. The printer allows you to control it with a stable internet connection wirelessly.

When it is about the automatic calibration function, it allows you to calibrate the entire build plate automatically so that you cannot spend time on manual calibration.

The Fabrikator Mini uses a unique direct drive extruder with a 1.75mm filament sensor. It ensures that the filament is always feeding correctly into the nozzle and comes out of the spool in perfect order.

Which Company Is Behind the Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer?

Fabrikator Mini 3d printer maker

HobbyKing is a Hong Kong-based retailer that was founded in 2001. Since its founding, the company has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive hobby retailers. They offer fast and affordable delivery options.

Their website features thousands of products at incredibly reasonable prices and a worldwide shipping network. The company has been able to provide customer service, including live chat support and email and telephone support over the weekend.

They specialize in supplying hobbyists, educators, and students with a wide variety of products needed to enjoy their hobbies and learn new skills. One of their main product lines is electronic components and modules, which they sell in bulk quantities.

Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer Key Features

Fabrikator Mini 3d printer features

This printer provides you with an easy setup with good printing quality which is perfect for students or beginners.

Allow Large Objects

Fabrikator 3D printers allow users to produce larger objects without worrying about how to scale them down or in which direction. It supports only PLA. The printer does not allow you enough material in the feeder, while nozzle clogging, or hot spots on the printed object.

Easy to set up

You can easily set up the printer within minutes using their step-by-step process. The process is relatively easy to learn. As a user, you need only follow simple steps to achieve quality prints with minimum downtime. You can connect with this printer via USB cable or SD card.

Printing Quality

When you want to control the quality of prints, the nozzle diameter, temperature, and speed play an important role. You can use several types of nozzles to control the quality and speed. Unlike its counterparts, this product is different from all others because it has no competitors within its category. You will be thankful for its unique design and manufacturing methods.

Final Verdict!

In my Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer review, I’d like to emphasize that this printer is very easy to set up and use. You can make it highly customizable and versatile according to the application or needs. If you feel any problems, you can easily find troubleshooting guides online.

The main goal of this Fabrikator Mini 3d Printer is to create something quality but affordable that you can use for everyday applications such as home decoration, toys, jewelry, and more!


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