Formbot Raptor 2 3D Printer Review: An Easy-setting Printer!

If you search for a reliable 3D printer with multiple material support, the first name that comes to my mind is Formbot Raptor 2.0. It is a perfect option for anyone who desires to create innovative projects or prototype their creations.

The ratings will show you as an indicator of quality, I’ve come up with a list of ratings out of 5.

Formbot Raptor 2 3D Printer Performance Ratings
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Printing Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Support
  • Printing Speed


Formbot Raptor 2 3D printer can be a great printer for those who are looking for high-quality prints with minimal setup time.

Formbot Raptor 2 3D Printer

This Formbot Raptor 2 3d Printer Review will tell you some new key features with vast using experiences. Moreover, I’ve shared the necessary specs and other information regarding the usability and the company behind it. Let’s get into it without further chit-chat!

Formbot Raptor 2.0 3d Printer Specifications

The specifications list shows you all features are available with this 3D printer. It lets you easily compare with others and select which one is the best fit for your needs.

  • Brand Name: Vivedino
  • Power Supply: 200W
  • Print Size: 400x400x500mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Frame: 4040 aluminum extrusion
  • Connection: SD card or USB cable
Formbot Raptor 2 3D printer spec

Format Raptor 2.0 3D printer Pros and Cons

The pros and cons will tell you about the quality of this 3D printer. The good things and bad things about this Formbot Raptor 2 3D printer will help you decide if it is okay for you or not.


  • The auto bed leveling gives you relief from manuals.
  • It provides a fully enclosed printing head with a completely self-contained version.
  • You will get multiple extrusion support arms for any application.
  • It provides sturdy constructions.
  • The printer comes with an easy setup and calibration process.


  • Difficult to print large intricate shapes as it requires several passes at low speeds!

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Overview of the Formbot Raptor 2 3D printer

Here I’d like to share my research experience with this printer on how it will look physically, how you can use it, what makes it special from other printers, and more. Hope it will help you in your journey of 3d printing.

Formbot Raptor 2 3D Printer

What Is the Formbot Raptor 2.0 3D Printer Like Physically? 

The Raptor’s exterior frame is black. The body is made from all aluminum and glass parts, making it look like a high-quality printer in terms of its finish and materials.

Additionally, the Raptor’s movement structure parts are printed with metal material, making for an incredibly sturdy frame able to withstand multiple kilograms worth of weight. The body is a large rectangle measuring 400x400x500mm in the build area.

While the size of the printer is large, its overall weight is much lighter, weighing in at 23.5kgs. This 3D Printer has a dual-axis design to produce flat or curved objects. It has non-linear guiding rails that lock in place for consistent printing.

Formbot Raptor 2.0 3D Printer using

How Is the Formbot Raptor 2.0 3D Printer Used?

The Raptor is incredibly easy to put together because of its connectivity and flexibility. While other printers on the market only let you print via a USB port, Raptor lets you print wirelessly via WiFi. Its design is also uniquely perfect, which makes creating a full range of objects very simple.

The printer uses a dual-axis design to produce flat or curved objects. It prints with non-linear guiding rails that lock in place for consistent printing. This printer works with ABS and polycarbonate filaments. It includes a powerful one-kW heater that quickly heats the bed to 350 degrees Celsius, so you can start printing after leveling it.

Which Company Is Behind Formbot Raptor 2.0 3D Printer?

Vivedino is one of the most professional 3D printer manufacturers in China. They offer a wide range of LED lighted 3D printers, CNC wood routers, 2D printers, laser engravers, and cutting machines. Furthermore, their New Product Line is Formbot which focuses on industrial-grade items.

Their knowledge, superior manufacturing, design, and technology capabilities have made them one of the leading providers of high-quality 3D printers. They have solutions for hobbyists to professionals that need to cut, engrave, stain, or even print anything.

Formbot Raptor 2.0 3D Printer Key Features

Formbot Raptor 2 features

Here, I’d like to tell you about some of the key features with ratings of this printer so that you may make it differ from others.

Auto Bed Leveling

The key to quality 3D prints is a perfectly leveled printer bed. It comes with auto-leveling technology that you can activate with a button. Simply place the bed on the table, press the button, and adjust the feet until they contact the table.

Printing Speed

Faster printing is possible with the Formbot Raptor 2.0 since it can reach speeds of up to 180 mm/sec. It allows you to create complex objects in a fraction of the time it takes other printers. This printer has a custom nozzle that can produce a tight, consistent print in a short time.

BL Touch Sensor

This 3D printer includes a BL Touch sensor instructing the printer to lower or raise the print head when it detects an object in its path. It prevents your print from clogging up, eliminates the need for an overhang or support, and protects the printer from damage.

You can easily pick up and place objects on the print bed and eliminate a step in the printing process.

Direct Drive-Extruder with Filament Sensor

This printer can extrude with a direct drive extruder at very high print speeds. This technique avoids the requirement for an overhang or support structure by moving the print head. It allows objects to be produced at very high accuracy with lower print time.

The filament sensor will avoid malfunctioning due to a misaligned extruder or feeder that could damage your print.

Final Words!

Formbot Raptor 2 3D printer can be a great printer for those who are looking for high-quality prints with minimal setup time. I recommend it because it gives you more control over your fabrication, and the price is relatively low.

So, if you’re in the market for a reliable 3D printer that you can use on a budget, the Formbot raptor 2 3d printer review will help you know about the new invention of Vivedino.

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