Kingroon 3D Printer Review: Why It Stands Out?

From hassle-free installation to customizable firmware to resumable technology, the Kingroon 3D printer has got everything to make a place on your “top-priority list.” After digging into its specs, and analyzing customers’ feedback, I personally have found this particular 3D printer quite effective for regular uses.

That’s one of the prime reasons behind writing the Kingroon 3D printer review, and this is what the article is all about. So stick with me till the end to know why it stands head and shoulders above the rest!

Kingroon 3D Printer Performance Rating
  • Ease-of-use
  • Design and Build Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Usability


Kingroon 3d printer is a single-arm printer with a direct drive. It comes with double rails for optimal printing precision and higher durability.

Kingroon 3D Printer specification

Kingroon 3D Printer specification
  • Model: KP3S
  • Item Measuring: 16 x 15.25 x 7.25 inches
  • Item Weight: 16.17 lbs
  • FDM Printing Technology
  • Power Consumption: 240W
  • Operating Voltage: 110-220V
  • Printing supports TF cards and USB
  • The machine supports Windows, Linux, and Mac as well
  • The maximum printing speed is 100mm per second
  • Generous bed volume: 180x180x180

Design and Build Quality

Kingroon 3D Printer design

Kingroon 3d printer is a single-arm printer with a direct drive. It comes with double rails for optimal printing precision and higher durability. For your convenience, it can be 2x more durable than other 3d printers in this budget segment.

What’s next? The machine features a compact design and is very easy to assemble. In fact, you just have to spend ten minutes or so assembling it.

Surprisingly, it comes with liner rails for the X and Y-axis. Kingroon features a magnetic bed, which measures around 180x180mm. It’s good to see, that the total printing area is about 180x180x180mm which is quite enough for most people. In fact, most of the users don’t need a printing area larger than it.

When it comes to the display, it offers a 2.8 inches LCD, situated on the right top of the printer. The LCD is a colorful touch screen also. Furthermore, the display is bright enough to operate in any lighting condition indoors. Besides, it supports multiple languages and makes it easy to maintain, set up, and start printing your 3d projects.

What’s more? You can easily remove your 3d prints from the magnetic bed, thanks to the flexible and removable magnetic sheet or print surface. Users can remove 3d prints easily by just taking off the print surface.


Kingroon 3D Printer

It’s time to prepare your 3d design for printing! In that case, you have to make a design on a device or you need to have a 3d scan. As well as you need to choose the appropriate material for printing. Now it’s time to set up your 3d printer if it is not prepared for printing.

Feel free to send the file to the kingroon 3d printer. Basically, there are two ways to do the job. You can load the file from a TF card or a USB, the printer supports both ways.

Now, let’s start printing by using the LCD’s interface on the printer. You have done your job, and your Kingroon 3D printer will do the remaining! As you can see, using this wonderful 3D printer is nothing but a snap!

The Manufacturer behind This 3D Printer

Kingroon Tech Company is the manufacturer of “Kingroon KP3S 3D Printer.” It is located in Shenzhen, China. Their production base is about two thousand square meters. And guess what? Kingroon has the ability to produce Fifty thousand units of 3d printers per year, which I’ve found quite amazing!

Last but not least, they have more than five years of experience in the 3d printing field. Furthermore, The Company commits itself to provide a perfect experience of 3d printing to their worldwide customers.

Advantages of KingroonKP3S Over Its Competitors:

  • X-Y MGN linear rails are one of its advantages over competitors that push it further ahead. 
  • The LCD touchscreen is another one over the Click wheel.
  • Its magnetic flexible surface is what that differs it from its competitors.
  • Speaking of the assembly, it stands out from the majority.
  • It comes with an incredible resumable feature that can push productivity to the next level.
  • This one right here supports customizable firmware.
Kingroon 3D Printer pros


  • Flexible Magnetic print surfaces allow users to remove 3d models easily
  • 2.8 Inches LCD touchscreen that supports 9 different languages to choose from
  • Supports wide voltage from 110-220, making it friendly with low-voltage electricity
  • Resume printing technology pushes the printer to a new level of productivity
  • Kingroon KP3S features 50db while printing, ensuring zero-to-minimal noise
  • Printing volume is about 180x180x180 which is ideal for most of the 3d projects


  • Gets a non-brand power supplier
  • Comes in a separate control box, that’s why the overall size is a bit larger

Kingroon 3D Printer Features

Check out the striking features of Kingroon 3D Printer to see why it stands out from the crowd!

Kingroon 3D Printer features

32-bit Mainboard

The Kingroon comes with FDM printing technology. It features a TMC225 driver in the mainboard of KP3S, which is a pretty good move from kingroon. In addition, the mainboard is 32-bit for optimal performance.

Power and Temperature

When it comes to the motor, it provides a 42-step motor in order to deliver more accuracy in your 3d project. Is it upgradable? Of course, you can upgrade the filament motor. The maximum temperature of the Nozzle is about 260℃, on the other side, the maximum temperature of the hotbed is about 110℃.

Customizable Firmware

Users are going to get the chance of using customizable firmware right here in the Kingroon KP3S. It’s possible due to the advantages of running Marlin. And guess what? You can build your own customized firmware for it, which is great.

Kingroon 3D Printer touchscreen

LCD Touchscreen

Hands down, a touch screen LCD is a decent feature that should come with a decent 3d printer. Although the Display is not huge in size, I think the 2.8 inches is pretty decent for a 3d printer machine.

Apart from the size, the brightness of the LCD is pretty good. As a result, this will ensure excellent visibility and clarity even in almost all indoor light conditions, thankfully!


Talking about the software, the KP3S will work with almost any slicer, which includes UltimakerCura also. But what if you are not interested to use 3rd party software? Thankfully, the kingroon comes with its own slicer with a USB stick.

Unique “Resumable Technology”

To ensure better productivity, it features an effective resumable technology. 3d printers often stop printing due to power shortages. But that won’t be the case when you’re a user of Kingroon!

Power Consumption

For your convenience, the machine consumes just little as around 10 Watts during an idle period. When heatbed and hotend starts to heat up, it draws almost 215 watts, which is pretty normal. After starting 3d printing, the power consumption gets down to around 75 watts.

Now, a question may arise in your mind –“How much time does it take to heat up?” The answer is – hotend takes around 70 seconds to reach 250℃, and the heatbed takes about 320 seconds to reach no less than 100℃.

Kingroon 3D Printer power consumption

Multi-language Support

Put a smile on your face as it supports nine different languages to choose from, including English, Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Completely Hassle-Free Installation

Last but certainly not least, you can assemble the kingroon KP3S without breaking your back, why? Because all necessary spare parts and instructions are included in the package, helping you get it done without anyone’s assistance.

Kingroon 3D Printer install

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Kingroon vs Prusa Mini: How Kingroon Beats Its Competitor?

Now it’s time to see how the Kingroon KP3S stands out against its competitors. So, I’ll try to break it down in an easy-peasy way by only highlighting the key advantages. 

  • Kingroon offers a magnetic surface (removable), while Prusa Mini comes with PEI sheets.
  • Kingroon gives you linear rails which is a clear advantage over Prusa Mini because in theory, linear rails improve accuracy. 
  • The KP3S comes with customizable firmware, on the flip side, Mini doesn’t support it.
  • Kingroon offers an impressive touch screen, whereas Prusa gives you an outdated click wheel system.
  • In terms of assembly, the KP3S is also further ahead. It will take ten minutes or so for a complete installation.
Kingroon 3D Printer unbox

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  • Is there anything illegal to print in 3D?
    There are three things that are illegal to 3d print. These are Assault weapons, Bombs, and Patent objects. Otherwise, you can do everything in a legal way.
  • What plastic is used in 3d printers?
    ABS filament is generally used in 3d printers. It’s more flexible and resistant to shocks.
  • What is the layer resolution of the Kingroon 3d printer?
    In a nutshell, the Kingroon KP3S 3d printer comes with 0.1mm Layer resolution.
  • Which materials are supported by Kingroon 3d printer?
    The KP3S supports four different materials for 3d printing, they are ABS, PETG, TPU and PLA at 1.75 millimeters.
  • Which file type does Kingroon support for printing?
    STL, Afm, and Obj are the supported file types by The KP3S.

Final Verdict!

We are at the end of the Kingroon 3d printer review. I’m pretty sure that you have a crystal clear idea about Kingroon KP3S. At least, you know all the key features it offers, what are drawbacks of it, etc.

So overall, I think spending your valuable bucks on it won’t be a bad idea.


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