New Matter Mod-T 3D Printer Review: Beauty Meets Functionalities!

In this up-and-coming age, the market for 3d printers is strictly competitive. Among them, the New Matter Mod-T 3D Printer earns a gold standard with its classic design and jaw-dropping specs. And this is what the post is all about.

Today, I’m here to give you the New Matter Mod-T 3D printer Review, helping you understand why it stands out. This way, you can get the right ideas on whether it’s worth spending on it or not. So let’s move forward without more chit-chat.

New Matter Mod-T 3D Printer Specifications

• Brand: New Matter
• Style: New Matter Mod-t 3d printer
• Model number: 10725-1
• Part number: 10725-1
• Product weight: 22.0 pounds
• Size: 1 spool of filament
• UPC: 853106006007
• Material: plan
• Compatible material: Polylactic Acid
• The printer supports Windows and Mac
• It has a wifi connectivity feature
• Its build volume is 150 X 100 X 125 mm

New Matter Mod-T 3D Printer Rating
  • Design and Build Quality
  • Usability

Design and Build Quality

One of the main reasons for this new 3d printer becoming such a user favorite is the cause of how solid its build and design is. Being one of the most elegant 3d printers I have come across. To make New Matter Mod-t come to life, the manufacturers teamed up with internationally renowned design firm Frog Design and gave it a classy white look.

The white-based printer has a removable rectangular hood made out of clear plastic. It makes a printer a sight to be seen and fits perfectly with modern-day offices.

If we talk about the size of it, the measurement would be 11.6 inches by 15.4 inches by 13.1 inches. It is relatively smaller than many of its competitors out there, which I loved. The 3d printer weighs around 12 pounds. Seeing its function, that is a fairly reasonable weight.

The printing area or the build dimensions would be approximately 6 by 5 by 4 inches. That is more than enough for almost all users. Unless you are a big scale firm, a 3d printer bigger than this would not be necessary.

The Mod-t comes up with slightly different hardware than its generic competitors. Usually, typical 3d printers to drive belts use several motors that build plates in three dimensions. The New Matter Mod-t uses two pinion/geared shafts on which the build plate is rested and ridged on the bottom to fit the gears. In this 3d printer, the build plate moves in the X(right or left) and Y(inward or outward) directions. The extruder moves vertically.

One more thing worth knowing is that this 3d printer has no LCD screens or cursor pads as some of its competitors may have. To maintain a small and compact size, it has a start and stop button that flashes when it’s ready to start, and you must press it again if you want to pause or stop the task.

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Firstly you have to go to the New Matter website and make an account. After logging into their site, you have to download the driver and utility files.

The New Matter Mod-t is a bit different compared to its competitors. Usually, in regular 3d printers, you upload the file you want to print in its application, whereas for the Mod-t, you have to upload it in their site’s library. Moreover, alongside your upload files, there will be other free and paid options in the library.

In order to print a file, firstly, you have to select it from your library. You should take a screen where you will have to adjust the resolution, the standard being 200 microns and the highest quality being 100 microns, and the high speed is 400 microns.

Furthermore, you will have the option of adding or removing supports and choosing custom settings. Once you are ready, click on the print button. A light on Mod-t’s front button will start to blink once you click. Pressing it now will start printing when the file transfer is complete, and the printer is ready.

Remember to make sure your computer and the Mod-t are connected. Because even though you can upload and remove files from the library, the printer needs the data to be transferred via Wifi or USB to function.

A constant internet connection is required to print. If you interned outages or are not that good, you may face misprints.

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The Manufacturers behind It

The company that created this massively successful 3d printer is New Matter. Steve Schell, a CALTECH graduate, thought that the process of 3d printing was too complicated. So he let on his journey of making a 3d printer simpler than ever.

In 2014, he started working towards his dream day and night with a different company name. He got funding for his idea by pitching it to venture capitals, and then finally, after four years of hard work, the New Matter Mod-t 3d printer was released.

Advantages of New Matter Mod-t over Its Competitors


  • It’s small and compact size despite having a significant build volume.
  • One of its most significant advantages is how easy it is to use. This one right here is pretty much automatic from first to last.
  • One of the quietest 3d printers out there compared to its competitors in this budget segment.
  • Includes a transparent lid that protects your print while you can observe everything
  • Affordable filament
  • High printing speed of  80mm/s
  • Among very few DIY friendly 3d printers, perfect for families and school
  • Cheaper compared to its competitors
  • Self-leveling print bed


  • Requires active internet at times!
  • Not the highest build volume!
  • Occasional misprints and file transfer errors while tested!

New Matter Mod-T 3D Printer Key Features

Let’s see the key features of New Matter Mod-t and find out what sets them apart.

Sleek Design

3d printers are an up-and-coming thing. While most 3d printers look like a chunk of metal, the Mod-t shows how it’s done. With a clean white base that looks good on any desk, I love how the maker has covered it with a clear top. It gives an opportunity of getting a 360° view of the entire printing process.

Environmentally Friendly

Being one of the very few 3d printers out there that are environmentally friendly. Mod-t uses PLA for its printing and Polylactic acid is a thermoplastic monomer made from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. So it is entirely eco-friendly and safe for the environment.


While most printers make so much noise it’s hard to stay inside a room, New Matter’s Mod-t 3d printer is probably as loud as shuffling a deck of cards. So it makes it a perfect fit for the home and school environment. A great plugin and use 3d printer

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A Printer with a Social Network

Well, there may be a lot of similar 3d printers in the market. But for sure is not one with a user community as big as New Matters as New Matter’s Mod-t has the option to upload and share files in its online marketplace. It’s as easy as sending a message. Users can share it for free or sell it for a price.

Moreover, they can send messages to others using asking for links to a print file or send it themselves. This makes the users not be limited in terms of ideas and files to print.

Furthermore, having such a big and active community is that whenever you have problems with the 3d printer or have questions, there is always someone to help.

Affordable Filament

New Matter’s Mod-t 3d printer uses PLA, also known as Polylactic acid as the printing material. It is one of the cheapest materials for 3d printers, and Mod-t cleverly using it to make good quality 3d prints has to be one of its key features.

Fully Compatible

Another one of the must-mention key features of this 3d printer has to be its compatibility. It is compatible with CAD software like TinkerCAD or Solidworks. This is a significant advantage as most people use this for their work.

So the Mod-t provides a hassle-free experience. Not just that. It is also compatible with the millions of prints you can find online, which most of its competitors don’t offer. You can browse sites like Thingiverse, download whatever design you like, and print it. Won’t disappoint you.

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The Mod-t requires a stable internet connection all the time. The advantage of this is that you can control and monitor from anywhere. No, I ain’t making it up; you can use it on any device from anywhere as long as you connect both your printer and the device to the internet. All you have to do is go into the web browser and sign into New Matter’s webpage.

Wrapping Up!

This is the end of my New Matter Mod-t 3d printer review. Hopefully, you have got a clear idea of what this 3d printer has to offer and all its good and bad bits. To end things, after widespread research, I believe that spending money on this 3d printer won’t be a bad idea.


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