OMTech 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter Review

When it comes to the fabrication process that deploys materials like wood, metal, etc., laser cutters come in handy. But, of course, I’m sure you already know this. So, no! I won’t bore you about Laser cutting stories that you already know and are bored of.

So, here’s the real deal! Since technology has made laser cutters easily accessible to almost anyone, it’s normal to seek expert opinions on which laser cutter is best for the result you want to achieve. As a Laser cutter technical support team, we carved out this article to be your guardian angel when it comes to shopping for the best laser cutter.

Aside from the fact that we have been consultants on certain laser cutter models in the market today that’s been a huge success, we pride ourselves in testing and reviewing a lot of laser cutter models that we find interesting and that are popular on amazon and other product review websites. Other Laser cutters that we’ve reviewed that aren’t popular are based on demand by the manufacturers or regular individuals who wanted to be sure it was worth it.

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Now, in this article, we review the OMTECH 100W C02 Laser cutter. We’d examine its specs, some of its features and do a performance rating. Ready, set, let’s dive in.

OMTech 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter Rate Performance
  • Sturdiness
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Design
  • Built-in Ventilation
  • Portability
  • Dual-engraving table
  • Acrylic Glass Cover

OMTech Laser Engraver CutterSpecifications

  • Brand: Orion Motor Tech (OMTech)
  • Color: Red
  • Item Weight: 330 pounds
  • Dimension: 47.24 x 34.26 x 36.61 inches
  • Power: 100W
  • Engraving Speed: 0-23.62 in/s
  • Engraving/Cutting Thickness: 0-0.39″
  • Cutting Speed:        0-15.75 in/s
  • Compatible System: Windows, macOS with LightBurn software
  • Working Size: 20″ X 28″
  • Resolution: Up to 4500 dpi
  • Supported Graphics Formats: JPEG, BMP, HPGL, GIF, DST, JPG, DXF, Al.
  • Data Transfer Interface: Ethernet to PC, Flash Drive, USB to PC.

The Benefits of the OMTech 100W CO2 Laser Cutter

  • The set-up is easy
  • Operation is smooth and quick
  • It is sturdy, promoting durability.

The Drawbacks of the OMTech 100W CO2 Laser Cutter

  • The instruction on Mirror alignment isn’t detailed and helpful
  • If you operate a MAC, you’d need to get the light burn software as it doesn’t come with the laser cutter package
  • The air compressor is undersized.

OMTech Engraver Cutter Details:

OMTech is one of the big names in the Laser Cutting industry. Aside from this Laser cutter model, they’ve released quite a few budget-friendly Laser Cutter. Nevertheless, this laser cutter model is quite easy to use. It allows you to connect to any gadget through versatile means so you can have fun with your laser cutter. Without further ado, let’s dive into the goodies that this Laser cutter has.


It doesn’t follow an extravagant design. It looks like a regular laser cutter, but it sure is adorned with red. Aside from its physical looks, this laser cutter comes with a large engraving surface that’s about 28” X 20”. According to OMTech, the engraving surface of this laser cutter machine model is actually the largest they’ve produced so far. They also designed this machine with a lift table with height adjustment and dual pass-through doors. As a result, you can easily do what you want on an object that would be considered irregular in shape and oversized.


Although when you see this machine, you might object to its portable feature. However, let’s quickly clarify what we meant by portable. By portable, we do not exactly mean that it is small. What we mean is, it is equipped with four wheels that make it easy for you to move it around however you please. If you wish to walk around while you work on this engraver like a dancer dancing on skate boots, you can do it because of the four-wheeler. If you’re tired of moving it around or you do not want the four wheels to disturb you while you’re working, reach down to the wheels and lock them in place. It stops the wheels from thrusting the machine in motion of any sort.

Dual Engraving Table:

Another fascinating feature of this laser cutter is that it comes with two different engraving tables. Of course not; these dual tables are not for the same function. The dual engraving table it comes with includes the Aluminium Knife Cutting Platform and the Beehive-Pattern Cutting Platform. For starters, the Aluminium knife cutting platform is dedicated to acrylic materials. It improves the rigidity of larger items like acrylic and is great for height adjustment for these types of materials. The Beehive-Pattern cutting platform works more for smaller items. It ensures that every small item that goes through it is equipped with heat resistance, stability, and noise reduction.

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Built-in Ventilation:

When it comes to protecting laser lens so that its life span is prolonged, OMTech knows just how to go about, and we can tell by the use of its built-in ventilators. While you’re busy engraving your objects, there surely would be debris caused by a host of things like dust, smoke, and when sparks occur while you’re working on the cutter. These factors are inevitable. Hence, the ventilation steps in to protect and preserve the lens against any damage.

OMTech 100W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter Alternatives

  • 130W Reci W4 Co2 Laser TubeEngraver and Cutter: With higher Laser Power, this Laser cutter is perfect if you’re looking for a high-speed laser cutter to help deliver your tasks. Of course, it’s on the high side, but its features are mind-blowing. For instance, it is versatile as it cuts any material with precision and accuracy. It’s great for materials like glass, bamboo, glass, rubber, metal, etc.


No doubt, this 100W laser cutter from OMTech is easily one of the best laser cutters in the industry. With its effective dual-engraving table, you can engrave most materials regardless of their size, etc.

Also, you won’t have to bother about this laser cutter needing repairs anytime soon as the built-in ventilator is quite solid. It does the good work of getting rid of debris that might soon start to clog the lens of the cutter. By getting rid of this debris, the lifespan of this cutter increases.

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