ZBrush Vs. Blender: Best 3D Modelling Software

Choosing the right software for a 3D printer does not need to be complicated. Software should be easy to use, affordable, reliable, and efficient. In this guide, we will compare ZBrush Vs. Blender. You may be wondering why these two?

Both ZBrush and Blender are amazing 3D printing software. They are similar in the aspect of sculpting and modeling but are quite different at the core. ZBrush is a sculpting program from Pixologic famous for its perfect digital sculpting technique. On the other hand, Blender is an open-source 3D modeling program famous for its modeling, sculpting, animating, rigging, concept arts, and storyboarding.

This article will discuss the main differences between the two 3D printing software. We will also go through the pros and cons for each. By the end of the guide, you will easily choose software for your 3D printer. Let’s go.

Comparison between ZBrush and Blender.

ZBrush and Blender are among the best software in the 3D printing industry. They are mainly used by professionals, hobbyists, and freelancers. Despite operating using similar techniques, they have major differences. The table below is a side by side between the two.

Price and licensingSold directly by Pixologic for $ 895 for a lifetime supply• Free and open source.
• Licensed under GNU General public license.
Features• Large array of brushes and tools
• Multiple language setting
• Can handle large poly count
• Allows export of models to another program
• Can be used in large production
• Large array of tools
• Uses Python 3
• For smaller sculptures
• Can handle small poly count
• Used in small productions
System requirements• Operating system:64-bits of window vista, or 10.11 Mac OSX or any newer version of the two. Does not work on Linux.
• Ram: 4-6 GB
• Hard drive: minimum of 8GB
• Operating system: 64-bits of window 7, or 10.13 version of Mac OSX or any newer version of the two. Is available for Linux
• Ram : minimum of 4-16GB
• Graphics card: 1GB minimum
User experienceSteep learning curveSteep learning curve
Application• Digital sculpting
• 3D animation
• 3D animation
• 2D animation
• Modelling
• Simulation

Differences between ZBrush and Blender 3D printing software

Origin, price, and licensing

ZBrush is a sculpting program that Pixologic, Inc newly advanced. It was presented for the first time in the year 1999. Over the years, many versions of the software have been created.

You can purchase ZBrush software directly from Pixologic for $895 for a lifetime supply. However, if you like all the ZBrush features but do not want to commit, you can get cheaper versions of the software known as ZBrush core. You can use the free trial before commuting in both versions.

Blender is an open-source 3D modeling program licensed under  GNU General public license. This means you do not pay anything for the software. Being an open-source program, more advancements are always present for creators.


ZBrush and Blender are excellent 3D modeling software. However, their unique features influence how they work.

ZBrush has been useful in creating realistic digital sculptures. It can be used to create characters like box office characters King Kong and Godzilla. On the other hand, Blender can be useful in creating 3D TV games and animations. Some of the different features of the two programs include;

  • ZBrush has a large array of tools and brushes, each performing different functions. Some of the main brushes of the software are; standard, move, clay, clay buildup, and dam standard.

The blender program does not have a lot of brushes. It is, however, divided into workspaces, each with different functions. The workspaces include; Animation, modeling, sculpting, simulation, and rendering.

  • ZBrush has a multiple language setting that allows customization. On the other hand, BlBlenderas incorporated the Python3 language. It allows for writing Add-ons.
  • ZBrush can handle poly counts 20-40 times larger than BlBlenderYou can therefore use the program to create huge digital sculptures. Examples of sculptures created by this program are King Kong and Godzilla. Blender can handle smaller poly counts and is used in small productions.
  • You can export started programs from ZBrush software and transfer them to another program to continue printing. This feature is lacking in Blender. 

System requirement

Both programs require a certain amount of space and computer strength. Since ZBrushis used to create large sculptures, you need a powerful computer compared to BlBlenderThe specifications of the computer required are listed in the table above. You can use Blender with Linux as it is an open-source program.


Both ZBrush and Blender have similar applications. The only difference is the magnitude of their capabilities. For example, ZBrush can be used to create large realistic digital sculptures like Iron man. You can use the available brushes to digitally give the characters different textures and other physical looks.

On the other hand, Blenders is used in 3D animations, 2D animations, and even sculpting more miniature sculptures.

Similarities between ZBrush and Blender 3D printing software

User experience

As a beginner, you will have a hard time using this software. However, you can even customize your art with proper training and research.

It might take you many hours of practice, but you cannot forget the art. There are available internet videos that can help you understand the two 3D printing software. Another similarity between the two is that they can produce high-quality 3D prints.

Between ZBrush and Blender, which is the best?

It is hard to say which of the two programs is the best. When choosing software, you will have to check if it satisfies your need, the ease of use, availability of advancements, and affordability.

Both ZBrush and Blender 3D modeling software are quite affordable. Blender is open-source and free; however, it is used in small productions.

On the other hand, you will have to part with some coins when if you want ZBrush software. You can buy the premium version for only $895 for a lifetime supply, $179 for every six months, a cheaper version of the software known as ZBrushcore which has fewer brushes, and even a free version known as ZBrush core mini for beginners.

ZBrush has a lot of brushes used to perfect your 3D sculpture, while BlBlenderas has multiple works aces for different functions.

To settle on one, you will need to carry out further research on the requirements and functions of each. You should also look for the pros and cons of the two.

Remember that ZBrush and Blender are not the only 3D printing software on the market. You can always compare the two with others for a smooth printing life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best 3D texture painting software?

According to the answers provided by people in the printing industry, ZBrushis ranked at the seventh position while Blenders is ranked first. This might Bea attributed to the fact that most people are freelancers and hobbyists. They do not create complicated arts. Another reason is that Blenders is open source and free; your experience with the software depends on your knowledge and expertise.

ZBrush is used by professionals and in large productions. You will also have to pay to get premium features.

2. Is it possible to customize your art when using ZBrush?

The premium version of ZBrush has over 300 brushes for individual art. You can create any art you want digitally, provided with the required knowledge. For you to achieve perfect prints;

  • Join forums of other ZBrush users.
  • Use the available YouTube channels that teach printing using ZBrush.
  • Always start small
  • Pay keen attention to details.
  • Ensure the 3D printer is in the right condition.
  • Use powerful computers and check the system requirements.
  • Do not over exaggerate the design
  • Use over 300brushes to perfect the print.

3. Should I stick to using Blenders, my 3D modeling software?

This depends on the type of prints you want to create. Blender 3D printing software is ideal for small productions and small models. It has some unique features that contribute to its ability to model—another advantage of using Blenders is that it is free and open source. Advancements will always be available.

You can switch from Blender if you look to create large prints digitally. Among the best software for this type of print is ZBrush.

If you are switching from Blender to ZBrush, you will need powerful computers and part with some for the software.

4. Can I print my designs using my 3D printers using ZBrush or Blender software?

The two software allow printing of the design on your 3D printer. Ensure your printer is set up correctly and all things are functioning well to prevent frustrations when printing.


The ZBrush Vs. Blender guide will be helpful when choosing the right software for your business. If you are not knowledgeable about this software, you can find informative videos online. ZBrush has a free version of the software, which could be helpful for beginners. Blender 3D modeling software is, however, cheap and open source.


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