ZCorps 3D Printer Review: Should I Buy It?

What if I introduce you to such a printer that supports powder and binder type filament? You heard it right as the Z450 3D printer lets you print with ZP130 Powder or ZB59 Binder filament. Thus, you’re allowed to create some unique and jaw-dropping materials right at your home!

Here, I’m going to show you a rating scale so that you can see the rated features or aspects of this product to make a more informed decision.

Zcorps Z450 3d printer Performance Ratings
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Design
  • Printing Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Support


The Zcorps Z450 3d printer provides you with fast, acute printing and a cost-effective way.

Today, I am here to show you some more interesting features of this Z450 printer with its good and bad sides through this Zcorps 3d printer review. You’ll also know how it looks and how you can use it.

Zcorps 3d printer Specifications

Specifications are little more than a list of features and how they work. It allows you to compare different models by comparing the specs.

  • Brand: ZCorporation
  • Dimension: 122 cm x 79 cm x 140 cm
  • Weight: 193 kg
  • Printing Area: 203 mm x 254 mm x 203
  • Layer Resolution: 90 to 100 microns
  • Supported Filament: ZB59 Binder and ZP130 Powder
  • Printing Technology: ColorJet Printing/ZPrinting/3DP
  • Resolution: 300 x 450 dpi
ZCorps 3D Printer pros

ZCorps 3D Printer Pros and Cons

There are plenty of details to read through, but I would recommend looking through their list of pros and cons to get an idea of how it will affect you as a customer.


  • The 3D printer provides you with fast and acute printing.
  • This 3D printer provides you with a cost-effective way.
  • Best suited for scaled models and prototypes.
  • The equipment of this printer comes with affordability.
  • It requires no post-processing or assembly.
  • It provides different color capabilities for printing.


  • The printing color can create eye-watering!
  • Have a limit to selecting the printing material!

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Overview of Zcorps 3d Printer

ZCorps 3D Printer overview

In the Zcorps Z450 3D printer review, you will learn about the Z450, which is a little bit old and not like the modern 3D printer. But their building quality and accuracy will add extra value to you. That’s why I personally liked it and want to go on to explain its design, uses, and key features.

What Does the ZCorps 450 3D Printer Like Physically? 

The Z450 comes in a sturdy, fully assembled case with an all-aluminum construction. This 3D printer provides a build volume of 203 mm x 254 mm x 203, which allows you up to 23mm per hour. It permits you to print larger objects and make sure they are more accurate.

This printer has an LCD screen with a nob wheel to control status, raising platform, and de- powdering. It can connect with Ethernet only. Inside the case, it has a heated build plate.

The Z450 has high precision stepper motors, which allows for its flexibility and accuracy once printing prototypes, architectural, or demonstration objects. It contains two chambers, one is for building models, and the other is for powder removal.

How Is The ZCorps 3D Printer Used?

You can get a fully assembled platform. It is easy to use, and the user interface is simple to navigate. You begin each print by making sure that the print bed is leveled and clean. Then you open up the model on your computer and use the printer’s rotary dial to set the axis properly.

Then the next step is to set up your extruder and filament so that you can initiate a print job. After you’ve done this, you can start printing. You can use it in your office or home, but you need a big space to keep it.

Z450 3D Printer

Which Company Is Behind ZCorps Z450 3D Printer?

Indeed, the “Zcorporation” changed its name to “3D Systems.” The company offers professional 3D printing solutions. They found in 1986, and the headquarters are in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The high-quality machines and excellent customer service are their achieving factors for success.

This company provides hardware, software, and plastic material solutions. They provide anything you want, from prototypes to stunt models. The company offers different types of machinery like dental, jewelry, aerospace and defense, 3d printing, automotive and more.

ZCorps Z450 3D Printer Key Features

The Z450 is a very powerful machine, and it’s even more impressive when you consider its price. I would like to discuss the features with ratings to help you decide.

Enclosed Build Plate

If you’re looking for the highest level of print quality, it is one of the most important features. The material does not let any air into your model. With this build plate, you can protect your printing objects from heat buildup and other factors.

The result is a better quality print because there won’t be any warping or curling on the part of your object.

Heated Build Plate

This 3D printer comes with a heated build platform, which allows you to get those intricate details. The heated build plate helps you avoid reprinting your model so that it will lay flat on your build bed.

On-Printer Control

You can control the power supply, temperature, and timing. These are all important factors for printing a quality product, which is why this machine comes with all of them. You can use PLA or ABS filament for its printing material.


The Z450 supports Windows XP, Vista, or the system used before Windows 7 operating systems. A simple Flash drive is all you need to download files onto your computer and transfer them into your printer for printing.

Final Verdict!

The Z450 is a professional-grade 3D printer with all the features of a high-end model, which I‘ve already explained in my Zcorps 3d printer review. You get all of the quality and precision that you really expect from a 3D printer!

Although it has a few drawbacks, Z450 is still capable of meeting the printing quality with different colors in an affordable package.

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