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We are a passionate team of critics and writers with strong roots within the 3D printing industry. Some members are professional 3D printing manufacturers and retailers, while others utilise 3D printers as an integral professional component; for example, an architect that produces to-scale models of their designs.

Our Content

Makemendel.com was initially created as a 3D printer eCommerce website. However, answering the needs of our readers, it has since developed into a more holistic knowledge hub for all things 3D printing and laser cutting related. Our articles range from the latest technological news to the insiders’ reviews and guides. We promise no fluff pieces and aim to keep our content as helpful and informative as possible.

Our Values

Credible – All our information is responsibly sourced. The articles are also peer-reviewed to ensure information is communicated accurately.

Unbias – Our contributors are not paid by or affiliated with 3D printing companies or retailers. Their reviews and recommendations come 100% from their personal experience and research.

Relevant – The site is audited regularly to ensure our information is up-to-date and aligned with industry standards.

Useful – We genuinely care about our readers and what they want to learn. Our topics are selected based on our readers’ feedback and engagement.

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