3D Printed Skull: The Next Step in Customized Designs!

Skulls design is one of the most different art pieces that you can find in many different styles. People have made it out of various materials, but 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to create them.


Because you can customize the skulls to look different, and it is relatively easy to print. Today, I am here to discuss some of the 3D printed skull models so that you may generate more unique ideas from them.

When you love some exceptional design to decorate your home, this article will help you make something different. So, let’s start!

Different Types of 3D Printed Skull

Here are a few uncommon styles for you to know about the different types of models of 3d skull design:

Luxury Design  Type

Skulls can be difficult to replicate, so they are so popular. Many skulls you can find throughout history and in artwork from the past century. Let’s know some different luxury skull styles.

  • 3D Printed Human Skull

You can get it in many different forms, from toys to real-life reproductions of skulls. However, 3d printed skulls are becoming more and more popular as souvenirs or collectible items.

Their appearance is usually simple, with a few details that help them stay true to their original form. It includes the nasal cavity and other minor cavities in the skull.

Higher-quality 3D printed skulls include more intricate designs and more detailed features. You can get a customized or specific design if you’re comfortable with detail designing objects.

  • T-Rex 3D Skull

This 3D printed skull comes with a look like the prehistoric T-Rex. Because T-Rexes are a common model for prehistoric skulls.

The eyes and fangs also give it the appearance of being lifelike. The only difference between this 3D print skull and real ones is that it doesn’t have sharp teeth and a tail.

  • Shark Tooth Skull

These shark teeth make up the skull in this 3D-printed skull design. However, this skull looks like an angler fish’s mouth rather than a shark’s.

This angler fish skull comes with a series of shark teeth glued and screwed into the skull. You can arrange the teeth to create various patterns and paint them to create a more lifelike look.

3D printed skulls have become popular as a new way to decorate your home or business for Halloween. You can also use them as displays for artwork in your home.

  • 3D Printed Neanderthal Skull

This 3D printed model is popular as a Neanderthal skull found in France. This skull design is also one of the oldest skulls ever discovered.

This 3D skull has been modeled after the real thing, so it has many of the same characteristics as a real Neanderthal skull. The teeth are also detailed with a sharp, pointed tip unique to this particular skull.

The face also looks more realistic by being covered in tiny cuts and scratches. You can customize any of the designs according to your wish!

  • Low-Poly 3D Printed Skull

The low-poly 3D printed skull utilizes the body shape of a human skull but uses the surface of a dummy to create it. It is much less detailed and solid than most other models.

But you can make it more accurate in terms of the features and design. It’s also available in several different sizes, so you can create one that best fits your skull shelf or display.

  • 3D Printed Dinosaur Skull

The 3D Dinosaur skull is a relatively simple low-poly model of dinosaur bones held together by an external skeleton. The model is quite easy to make because it doesn’t contain many details.

However, it does contain several bones that come together to create a real dinosaur skull. If you’re looking for something lifelike, you should make it more realistic.

  • Voronoi 3D Skull

The design of this 3D printed skull model focuses on Voronoi, which is a mathematical theory you can use to create the appearance of natural patterns. The three dimensions that the Voronoi leaves behind create a realistic-looking image.

You can make it easier to judge the distance and size of different areas within the model. Making it more accurate than other designs is not a game, but it is not impossible.

  • 3D Printed Realistic Vampire Skull

If you want to make something scary for Halloween that looks like a real vampire, you can try this model. If you’re looking for something more realistic, this is it.

This 3D printed skull looks like a real human skull, but the sharp teeth look like fangs. You can paint the teeth red to look like blood.

  • Tribal Sabre Tooth Skull

If you like any tribal design, you can try a tribal sabre tooth. You can make the design based on the bone structure, but you can also paint it.

The design of this 3D printed skull looks like it may find in a Native American tribe. You can use the skull for any other purpose wherever you want to put skulls around your home or business.

Character Design Type

When a 3D printed character costume plays a fictional character in movies and comic books, it will be popular with the public.

You can make the design a customized version of the character to create your version of it. The costume also has all kinds of details to look even more realistic.

  • Red 3D Skull

This Red 3D printed skull comes with a unique paint design using the red color. It means the design is not established on any real skulls.

But it looks great if you’re going for an all-red color scheme for your home or business.The 3D printed skull is completely red, which gives it an entirely different appearance than other skulls.

It also lacked any teeth, which made it look like a prop instead of a costume. If you’re into the more Halloween-like designs, this may be the exact design you want to go with.


You can find all kinds of decorations relate to skulls. Here are some of the ideas for you. It includes:

  • Skull 3D Pencil Holder

For decoration, you can use your thinking to make something creative. You can make a 3D printed skull pencil holder with a simple skull design.

So it doesn’t have the same details as other skulls. This 3D printed pencil holder looks very realistic if you create it with a horn-like texture.

If you’re not careful enough or moving it to different locations, you can make it using ABS, PLA, or any plastic material.

  • Skull 3D Printed Plant Pot

When your hobby is gardening, and your passion is using new 3D printing models, you can use different designs of 3D printed plant pots for your little plants.

Making your plant pot based on skull design can create a new look to your decoration. You can print skull plant pots with a couple of different decoration designs with human skulls.

You can make this plant pot out of strong plastic to avoid breaking the handle when trying to use it.

  • 3D Skull Keychain

A 3D-printed keyring contains a unique design that makes it stand out from the others. You can design your 3D printed keyring with one side having an image of a skull.  And the rest of it goes for regular purposes like being able to attach your keys.

  • Mad Max Fury Road – Shifter Skull

If you love skull design, you can use it as a shifter cover for your car or truck, and you can easily attach it to your gearshift. Your 3D printed model can be a part of the new movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

  • Mask

If you want a costume or other full-body look with an original design and not a copy of any existing one, you can make your version of a 3D-printed mask. It will require some design skills to do it perfectly.

The procedure also includes a full-body glove so your hands won’t remain exposed all the time if someone sees you wearing them.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

  1. Can You Get A 3D Print Of Your Skull?You may be able to print an accurate replica of your head only if you create an image of a picture or a three-dimensional scan of your face. The CT scanner is the only machine to scan your skull accurately.
  2. Can Doctors Use 3D Print Bones?
    Orthopedic surgeons can now work with modeled bones using 3-D printing. After making CT scans, they create actual patient anatomy to create their models.
  3. Can DNA Be 3D Printed?
    The sequencing device automatically provided a list of instructions for the 3D printer to follow. The 3D printer then creates rotating white spheres with DNA, similar to what it has programmed to produce.

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Final Thoughts!

3D printing has many applications beyond just creating objects. When you start the printing process, make sure your model is as realistic as possible. While you can use it to create 3D printed skull, it can be a unique way to show your creativity and individuality.

As skulls are most commonly associated with death, people can also use them to symbolize strength and power. So, you can choose your favorite design and enjoy using it.

Final Words!

Hands down, 3D printing is a powerful technology. By using this, you can create some new things daily. Furthermore, you can make your own 3D printed Pokemon at home using that wonderful technology. This can bring the characters to life in ways never possible before!


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