Trying to get a 3d printed keychain? Here are some designs to look at

Keychains are something that everyone needs at some point. I mean, who doesn’t have keys with them. Whether it’s to their home or their car or any other place. Anything with a lock will require a key, and key chains are the best way to keep them.

Why buy keychains from outside when you have a 3D printer at home? You can get a 3D printed keychain using your 3D printer. It gives you the option to have personalized keychains based on your liking. The real trouble is finding some quality designs along with good functionality.

Here I have brought several 3D printable designs for keychains that you can try out. You can use these keychain designs as they are, or you can also take inspiration from them and come up with your design.

A great thing about these designs is that they serve various purposes. You can choose any of them based on the purposes they serve. Or you can pick one based on the design you like. I will, however, categorize these keychain designs based on their purpose and style. Let’s get going.

3D printed keychain designs are meant for serving multiple functionalities

The designs I have here for you come with multiple functions. You can use them as keychains and have another purpose for using their keychain. These are great when you want to have a multipurpose keychain.

The bottle opener keychain

Do you like drinking a lot of canned bottles? In that case, you will love this keychain. It’s an excellent choice when you always want to have a bottle opener along with you. A unique bottle-opening keychain design is the mustache bottle opener.

You can get this particular design from MyMiniFactory or Cults. Now, for the most part, these keychain designs will require the use of high infill value. Try using at least 60% or even more to get good strength. Since you want to open bottles and cans, infill strength is essential in these designs.

Smartphone holder

Sometimes you want to lay down on your bed or sit on a chair and watch some videos on your phone. Keeping the phone at a standstill is quite tricky. And you can carry a phone stand everywhere you go, right? That’s when you get the use of the mobile phone stand keychain.

This keychain design features a mobile phone stand alongside being a keychain. While you can have all the keys attached to the keychain, you can use it as a mobile phone stand. The design is usually pretty compact, so you can carry it wherever you go. It’s one of the most convenient multipurpose keychain designs to have.

Whistle keychain

Whether you think of a kid’s toy or a tool for a nightguard, a whistle keychain can be a great option. Well, not maybe for a kid’s toy, as they don’t have keys to attach. But when for a nightguard or a watchman, this design is a perfect option.

Another great use of this keychain is whenever you are on a trip. This whistle keychain can be great for calling for help in distress. It greatly helps if you ever have to lose your way on a trip to the jungle. You can easily use the whistle to send your whereabouts to your travel companions.

Emergency container keychain

This keychain design has to be one of the most functional designs you can find out there for your keychain. It’s an emergency container keychain in which you can keep emergency cases rolled up. Or you can also store necessary medication inside the little container you printed out.

With this keychain, you will never have to worry about carrying a box or bottle of medication. You can store some medicine you will need and keep it with you. You can also store medication that you may need in urgencies. In short, this is an excellent keychain if you are looking for emergency storage to have with you at all times.

SD card holding keychain

Do you use a lot of SD cards for your daily work purposes? Usually, editors, photographers, and videographers tend to have a lot of work with SD cards, managing it well. Because of that, this SD card holding keychain can be a saving grace for them.

If you are someone who needs an SD cardholder to have with you at all times, this is the perfect option. It can hold up plenty of SD cards of various sizes in them. At the same time, it serves as an essential keychain as well. Altogether it’s the perfect keychain for people working with SD cards.

Fidgeting 3D printed keychains for the anxious and stressed ones

People who stay stressed a lot can get great use out of fidgets. They help you calm down your nerves a little. So, if you are one of those, who need a fidget with them at all times, the following designs are for you.

The turbine keychain

This keychain design features a two-piece turbine. To make this fidgeting keychain, you only have to worry about two pieces or 3D parts. There is no need to use any external accessories on this keychain. Assemble the two parts, push the turbine in, and that’s pretty much it for the assembly.

To make sure that the turbine spins appropriately, you can try using grease or oil to make the spin smoother. Also, there are no particular things that you have to maintain for printing it. You don’t even need any raft or support for printing the keychain.

Gear keychain

Some people have a fascination with gears and how they work. It is the fidgeting keychain for those people. It’s an excellent choice for them because there are gears that spin around like actual gears maintaining the laws of physics. At the same time, you get that fidgeting feel to get rid of your stress.

However, printing and making this gear keychain isn’t as easy as the other ones. it takes time to print with reasonable accuracy. Without clean prints on the gear, you don’t get that spinning functionality. Also, after printing the parts, you will need to get some nuts and bolts for assembling this whole thing.

For the printing material, I recommend using ABS. The gear design requires you to have good strength on the prints. So, when you use other materials, you don’t get that strength which may hamper the functionality.

The gyro keychain

Does gyroscopic motion mesmerize you? If it does, I would say this keychain is perfect for you. Why? Because this keychain comes with several concentric rings that spin around without falling. It gives the keychain that gyroscopic motion you love to see. Most of the time, it’s mesmerizing to watch.

The best part about printing this gyro keychain is that you don’t need any assembly on this one. Just print it as it comes in the design file, and it’s good to go. It’s better to use a layer height of 0.2mm and zero infills. Looking at the fidgeting on this keychain makes it a practical choice, that’s for sure.

Pop culture 3D printed keychain designs that focus on the theme

Don’t want a multipurpose keychain or a fidgeting one? Then why don’t you check out some classy designs based on movies and games? The thing about this category is that you get to see plenty of choices based on this, and it’s all personal. Here, I will get you through some unique and fun options to try out.

Blades of Chaos from God of War

As a PlayStation gamer or even a gamer, you are probably familiar with God of war. It’s one of the best action games for PlayStation devices. Blades of chaos is the crucial weapon in the game that features two swords unlike anything else in any other game. It makes the game’s identity, for the most part, in terms of weaponry.

Something particular about this keychain is that it’s mainly a resin printable design. The reason for that is that this design features a lot of details. Capturing those details with an FDM printer can be very difficult. As you may already know, resin printers are perfect for getting excellent details in the prints.

Still, if you want to print them with PLA or ABS, you can try it out. It looks good but maybe not as good as a resin print would. Also, there is a bit of assembly required in this design as you have to print the parts in two sections. Then, glue them together to assemble. Finally, you can paint the keychain as you prefer.

Baby Groot from Guardians of the galaxy

At one point, Marvel fans worldwide obsessed over the cuteness of baby Groot. The character from the movie Guardian of the galaxy has won hearts with its childish behavior and one word, “Groot.” So, if you also like the character from the movie, this is a good keychain design idea you can try out.

There are several poses and designs you can find based on baby Groot. All of them have that cute appearance. You will surely love it. I suggest using wood PLA filament for this one since the character is based on a tree.

The classic Pacman keychain

Maybe the younger kids nowadays won’t relate, but Pacman indeed brings back memories for the old dogs, no? You can certainly feel the nostalgia with this Pacman keychain. It’s a simple design with a circular shape, making it tricky to print on your 3D printers.

The keychain design doesn’t involve any assembly, so that’s good. It’s unique, as not many people will use Pacman reference these days. It would be best to use a raft and support for the best printing results while printing this design.

If I start listing different designs based on this category, the list will go endless. Still, there are many choices, such as the Captain America shield, Thor hammer, Pokemon emblems, anime figures, etc.

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Original 3D printed keychain designs in general

Apart from all the cool stuff, there is always the option to go very basic with the designs. You can pick a design that you like. It can be anything you want. Here, I have some standard designs based on the interests of people.


One of the most common designs to try out is just names. You can create a design out of your name. It’s the most straightforward way for a keychain. There is nothing fancy about it, but you can try different fonts to make it more interesting.


You can print out keychains based on the shape of an animal. Cats and dogs are the most common animals to use as a reference for 3D printing a keychain. Other than that, you can always go with your favorite animal if you want.

Items and tools

A very easy-to-find design for keychains is the Swiss army knife keychain. It has the same design as a Swiss army knife, but you store your keys in it instead of the knives. It is excellent because the keys don’t make any noise or aren’t a hassle when you have them in this way.


Wrapping it up, I can say 3D printed keychain opens up a whole new possibility for having a keychain. It gives you the option to go fun and unique. You can also stay standard with the classic designs that many people use.

With countless designs available out there, you will never run out of options; that’s one thing for sure. Also, several sources like Thingiverse, Cults, MyMiniFactory, and so on provide you with these awesome 3D printable keychain design files. You have to download the files and print them for many of them, and that’s pretty much it.


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