Robo C2 3D Printer review: All About the 3D Printer to Make a Solid Decision.

The Robo C2 3D printer is undoubtedly famous within the 3D printing space. So, it’s natural for you to get curious about whether it’s for you. In this Robo C2 3D printer review, we’ll explore everything you should know about it to make a solid decision.

An easy way to get an overview of a 3D printer’s performance is to check out its ratings. We’ve summed up how end-users rate this 3D printer. This rating will be helpful since you’re seriously considering if the Robo C2 printer is worth all the hype.

Robo c2 3D Printer
Robo C2 3D Printer Performance Ratings
  • Features
  • Ease of usage
  • Value for Money
  • Durability
  • Looks


One of my favorite features of the Robo C2 is its print quality. For a compact, mid-range 3D printer, the print quality is outstanding.

When it comes to compact printers, you already know that the manufacturers gave up some features to pay the price required for the compactness of the printer.

Checking out the specs exposes you to what features you should expect from a compact 3D printer. It’s an excellent way to determine if you want it. Keep reading.

Robo C2 3D Printer Specifications

The product’s specs excellently do their work to keep you posted, first-hand, on what to expect from a product.

The Robo C2 3D printer specs would guide you in making a decision. You’ll tell if this is the right compact 3D printer for your needs.

Here are a few of the specs of the Robo C2 3D printer.

  • Layer resolution: 20–300 microns
  • Build volume: 127 x 127 x 152 mm
  • Print Speed: Up to 16 mm3/s
  • Software: Customized Cura version
  • Supported filament: PLA, partial support for other filaments
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi

The specs of a product don’t capture its entirety. There are still many things that you need to grasp the extent of its potential. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. With the pros and cons, we’ll take you deeper into the possibilities of this printer. Keep reading.

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Robo C2 3D Printer Pros and Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of a 3D printer helps you understand better how the printer functions. It lets you see if it matches your needs or delivers below par. Also, you’ll quickly gauge the cons to know if it’s something you can overlook.

Without further ado, here are the pros and cons of the Robo C2 3D printer.


  • Print quality is top-notch.
  • Sturdy and compact. 
  • The interface is easy to operate.
  • Impressive design.


  • Manual print bed levelling.
  • The print speed is terrible.
  • It fully supports only PLA.

An in-depth overview of this printer would surely help you reach a buying decision. You’ll understand the point of this printer and how it can fit into your 3D printing journey.

The Robo C2 3D Printer Overviews

This section will do a detailed overview of what the Robo C2 3D printer is all about. Here, we’ll start to strip off the mystery piece-by-piece so you’ll know what it can do.

What is the Robo C2 3D Printer like physically?

A hallmark of most Robo 3D printers is their sleek and beautiful look. Of course, the Robo C2 3D design upheld the Robo 3D design standard. It is compact and attractive. This printer is wrapped in a curved, white case with strategic places littered with blue light.

The printer feels sturdy, and it can withstand the effects of vibrations. So, it revels in its stability regardless of where you place it. The Robo C2 has a fast-moving nozzle that boosts print accuracy.

How is the Robo C2 3D Printer used?

After setting up the Robo C2, you’ll realize it’s one of the easiest printers to use. Also, you don’t need to do too much to set up the printer. Simply release the printer from its packaging, set it, and you’re good to go.

Of course, you’ll have to upload the filament. The printer has a feeder tube where the filament sits. Feed the filament into the print head too. Then, connect it to a light source and start the printer.

The filament would gradually melt and slide out through the print head, ready to print your model. You’ll need to do a little manual work setting the print bed’s height. Don’t worry; you only need to set the print bed’s height once.

Who or which company is behind the Robo C2 3D Printer?

Robo is the company behind this Robo C2 3D printer. It is an American company that’s based in San Diego, California. They make budget-friendly and premium 3D printers.

What sets the Robo C2 3D Printer apart from its competitors?

Hardly would you ever find a compact 3D printer with exceptional print quality. But the Robo C2 pulled it off effortlessly.

Aside from its impeccable print quality, the user interface is enticing and easy to operate. Generally, it is an intuitive printer with great looks. The best part is that it retails at a fair price.

How has this one evolved from the previous version?

The Robo C2 3D printer is a tremendous improvement from Robo’s first printer- the R1. For instance, while the R1 doesn’t have an impressive and sturdy construction, the C2 does.

Robo fixed the construction problem with the Robo C2 printer. You won’t encounter problems like extrusion jams that were an issue with the R1.

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Robo C2 3D Printer Key Features

This section will take you deeper into the intricacies of the Robo C2 printer. You’ll know for sure if this printer will fulfil your needs.

Print performance

One of my favorite features of the Robo C2 is its print quality. For a compact, mid-range 3D printer, the print quality is outstanding. If we were to grade it, it would be an A+.

I tried printing both simple and complex designs with it and was blown away by the print quality. Every printed model was well-detailed and clear.

Print volume

Since it’s a compact printer, you shouldn’t expect much from the print volume. It is small and is perfect for simple and small models.

While you can print large models on this printer, you should consider printing it in batches as the print area can’t contain large models. 


Connecting this printer to your laptop or mobile device is easy. It has a modern touch to its connectivity as it supports WiFi and USB connection. So, feel free to send any design of your choice to the printer with ease.

Assembly and Use

The assembly is the easiest part. Once you take it out of the box, you won’t need to do too much to get it started. The only adjustment you’ll need to make is the print bed’s height.Using the printer is also very easy. It is intuitive and has a user-friendly interface.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this Robo C2 3D printer review has shown you all you need to know about it. Although the printer is not perfect, you’ll stand a lot to gain from it. The Robo C2 sets a print quality standard for other 3D printers in its class of compact printers.


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