3D Printed Pokemon- Know About What You Look For!

When you are a Pokemon lover, you know that they have never been able to physically exist in the real world. And today, 3D printing technology has allowed people to print out realistic copies of Pokemon that you can take with you wherever you go.

When 3D printing technology becomes more affordable and accessible, you can use them to make something interesting like different 3D printed Pokemon models. Today I have shared a few popular Pokemon 3D model designs so that you may choose your favorite ideas.

Why Is Pokemon 3D Now?

The Pokemon franchise has been around for a very long time now, and video games have contributed to its wide popularity among multiple generations. Because of this, many fans like you still love Pokémon. They will do just about anything to get their hands on any sort of design or collectible related to them.

You can easily find 3D-printed items based on the characters or other things from the franchise in most places online these days. Many of them are also found in stores, depending on how popular they are in certain locations.

With the release of Pokemon 3D, many more people have enjoyed this brand that has existed around since elementary school. Because of using 3D printers, you can bring your favorite character to your own home at no expense at all.

The popularity of Pokemon is growing as well. Everybody can now see how much potential this has for both new fans and people who already enjoy the anime series.

When Did Pokémon Start Using 3D?

The very first Pokémon movie has released over two decades ago. Then, the franchise released more and more movies based on the show. If you are just getting into Pokémon, this is a great way to get people to watch 3D models of different characters.

Many fans of Pokémon will continue to seek out more and more items related to the series that are 3D printed models.

Who Made the 3D Models for Pokemon?

The 3D models for Pokemon have been created by the community of users thinking of creating their own designs and bringing them to life. Therefore, it has not been made by the official Pokémon company itself, despite what you may have heard about it.

When looking around for a way to reminisce about their past or maybe even trying to get new people into it. These are great tools to use as they can allow you to bring the characters of Pokémon into your home as 3D models instead of just paper sheets or other things that try and replicate them.

With each new generation of pokemon released, there has been an increasing need to keep fans playing. However, an apparent lack of advancement in some aspects, such as creature design, has come out daily.

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Different Types of 3D Printed Pokemon Model

There are many different pokemon 3D printed models to choose from, and they all have their own individual personality traits. So let’s have a look:

Cookie Cutters 3D Printed

It is a new concept from a 3D-printer company. They have recently released the cookie cutters that they call Pokemon Cutters.

These pieces come with different types of Pokemon with different color-coded. A red and green cookie cutter stands for Fire and Water Pokemon, respectively, while a blue and purple one references Grass and Poison Pokemon, respectively.


Shapeways also wrote a blog post stating that you can use this cutter to create your own 3D and 2D printed figurines. So, if you are looking for a new challenge to hone your design skills, then this one might be worth checking out and seeing how far you can take it.

The Voronoi diagram comes by first working on each of the outer points where you need to make cuts. Then you can join together to produce a polygonal framework which is useful for creating hollow figures.

Low-poly 3D Pokemon

You can try to use the low-poly design available and inflate them in size to create something like a bigger version. It will helpful for those who would like to have some Pokemon figures lying around for decoration purposes or even for making a new type of sculpture.

With this high level of customization and endless possibilities, there is absolutely no reason to not try something new with these cookie cutters.

3D Printed Poké Ball Box

They even have their own set of Poké Balls that you can use to store your cards or figurines. These will help keep them all in one location, with each of the boxes containing different types according to generation. You can easily tell them apart by looking at the design.

You can use these cookie cutters for more than just Pokemon-themed goodies. You could always use these to create a set of cookie cutters for your favorite movie, television show, or even a children’s cartoon or comic book series.

It would be interesting to see if they will make their own version of The Walking Dead cookie cutters soon.

3D Printed Psyduck

One of the popular designs they have released is a 3D printed version of Psyduck. It has gained popularity as the swimmer pokemon.

There are some minor design changes with this, but most of them are still noticeable. These designs come in handy when you would like to make custom figurines of your favorite Pokemon.

3D Printed PokeBall

Another idea would be to take an old paper poke ball lying around the house and turn it into a cookie cutter for making some delicious shaped cookies or cupcakes.

Remember that this may not work for all Pokemon types as some include unique features such as arms, legs, or other appendages that may not work out well with this concept.

3D Printed Metal Charm

You can even use the cookie cutters to make a charm or keychain out of it, which you can keep in your bag or in your pocket. This would make it easier for you to identify your keys from the rest of the bunch.

You can use key chains or even decorate your phone or laptop if it is compatible with attaching such items there. Also, it can use for making some interesting accessories depending on how you want them to look. It also depends on what kind of design you want to apply to them.

3D Printed Planters

These are also great things to have as a gift for an avid Pokemon collector, as you can get them in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can use these sets to store other things, such as jewelry, coins, computer accessories, etc. Using this idea, you can also make different shapes such as hearts, stars, or even the popular striped ones.

You can use these for decorating your room or use them anywhere else that you need some storage space. You can make some that match the theme of your family room or living area.

Or you can try something more abstract that could go along well with any other decor. It would make a great addition whether you are in your house or your parent’s place.

3d Printed ShadowBones

This is a set of the Skyrim ShadowBones. You can use them to decorate your desk or place you can use them for a movie night at home. With this, you will easily make your own mythical creature and show your love for Skyrim by keeping it somewhere.

It also comes in handy since you can share it as a gift for people who are big fans of the game.

3D Printed Pokemon Artwork

If you want to make some unique plates, cups, or even figurines, then there are some artwork pieces from Pokemon. It will make it easier for you to create what you want. These figurines do require certain 3D modeling software for completion.

But it is still possible for anyone interested in making their own custom version of the characters. Your next step will be to find someone who owns one of these printers to print them out as a game character.

3D printed pokemon Chess Set

Here is another amazing idea put together by a Shapeways user name called Topperface. Instead of the traditional checkers, you can make a 3D printed chess set that looks like a tic-tac-toe board. The pieces come with various Pokemon. It supports 9 X 9 boards which will add in the future if there is enough interest.

In this world of 3D printers and 3D printing, there is an array of different designs and creations that you can print right in your own home. It allows you to get creative and make something that everyone can enjoy. Pokemon-themed 3D printed artwork has become quite popular because it is simple to create with many designs available online.

If you would like to view some more examples, check out this collection. If you want some help in creating gifts for others or just trying out your own ideas, then be sure to browse through these different categories here. You can also purchase a Pokemon-themed 3D printer here.

3D Printed Pokemon Candy Mold

You can make treats from this mold, such as candy, jelly, or even chocolate. According to your choice, you will be able to get it in any color.

It is also one of the better Pokemon outline designs available on Shapeways. There are already a lot of unique ideas that you can use to make an entire Pokemon celebration out of these designs.

Pokeball Cartridge Carrier

This is a cartridge carrier that will hold up to 4 cartridges simultaneously. The top has a cutout to slide your cartridges right into place, and everything will stay secure. If you wanted, you could get this as a case for your printer, so you can use it as a portable printer stand.

Pokemon Keychain

There are many different designs available in the Shapeways gallery that you can use if you want to make keychains out of them. Like the keychain designed for the Pokeballs, these Pokeball keychains are also available in many different styles.

These are also great for people who want something easy and convenient to carry with them wherever they go.

Togepi Egg Cup

These are a few designs made by a Shapeways user named Sarah Victoria. These cups have an egg shape to them, and they come with the design after the TogepiPokemon. These are great for a table and you can use them as a decoration or even a drinking cup if you want to.


The following are a few articulated designs that will allow you to have a lot of different ways to display your collections. You can also use it easily and move them around. All of them has made by Enrico Gueli, and you can find more of his Pokemon art here.

3D Printed Pokeball Pens

The 3D printed pens are designed to look like a Pokeball, and they are great at keeping your pens organized. This will help make it easier for you to locate the pens you need without looking through a stack of other ones in the same location.

You will be able to get them in black, blue, or red colors, or even request a custom color if you have one in mind.

3D Printed Pikachu

This is a 3D-printed Pikachu by Enrico Gueli that you can use to decorate your room or wherever you feel. It is also available in different colors to choose between the ones that would suit your preferences the best.

If you like the Pikachu design, you can also use this design in your mug. You will be able to get them in either one solid version or split up into two separate parts. You also choose multiple colors for you.

Final Words!

Hands down, 3D printing is a powerful technology. By using this, you can create some new things daily. Furthermore, you can make your own 3D printed Pokemon at home using that wonderful technology. This can bring the characters to life in ways never possible before!


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