B9 Creator 3D Printer Review: Good option if you seek excellent 3D print quality

Don’t you like the troubling processing of assembling a 3D printer kit? Well, then, good news for you: several 3D printers come pre-assembled. Here, I take you through the B9 creator 3D printer review that will help you find a quality pre-assembled 3D printer.

The B9 Creator 3D Printer offers some excellent features alongside the pre-assembled factor. Are you feeling intrigued? Then, I won’t waste any more of your time and get right into the details of the printer. Stick till the end to know whether it’s worthwhile for you.

Ratings are always helpful for knowing what the users think of the product and how it rates on a scale of 5. Here are some ratings based on several factors of this 3D printer that may help you know it’s worth a little.

B9 Creator 3D Printer
B9 Creator 3D Printer Performance Ratings
  • Print quality
  • Ease of usage
  • Build and design
  • Connectivity
  • Material compatibility


The B9 Creator offers some excellent features alongside the pre-assembled factor.

Is this enough to decide on this printer? I would argue with that. While ratings help you know your worth, they don’t give you the complete picture. That’s why I recommend going in-depth into the review part.

B9 Creator 3D Printer Specifications

Technical specifications can help you find out the capabilities of the printer. It also allows you to compare different options. So, let’s look at the printer’s technical specifications to get a better idea of it.

  • Printer technology: SLA
  • Material compatibility: Resin
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Build volume: 104 x 75 x 203 mm
  • Layer resolution: 30 – 200 microns
  • Weight: 13.5kg

Based on these specifics, you can’t tell whether the printer is good or bad. You will need to know more details about it to decide that. Let’s get going with that now.

B9 Creator 3D Printer Pros and Cons

The easiest way to get the worth of a 3D printer is to check out its pros and cons. What value you are getting from the printer will significantly come from its pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of the B9 creator.


  • The printer doesn’t need any assembly at all.
  • There are plenty of different resin types that you can use on it
  • You can start printing right out of the box in 15 minutes
  • It features a rapid printing process
  • The post-processing from this printer is very minimal


  • The build volume on this printer is a bit limited
  • It can be pretty expensive for DIY or smaller projects

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B9 Creator 3D Printer Overview

Here comes the natural part, where you will get to know all about the printer in detail. It will help you determine whether this is the printer for you or not. So, let’s get going with the factors.

What is the B9 Creator 3D Printer like physically?

Well, the design for this printer is a typical resin printer design. It’s an enclosed printer with some decent spacing for printing your models. It doesn’t offer the largest print area, but you get a pretty good area on this printer for a resin printer. The looks are nothing ordinary and feature a very simplistic approach.

The build quality is just as good as it gets. The metal construction of the printer ensures that it lasts for quite a while. You can hardly damage the printer from any external sources unless you constantly hit the printer with a hammer. I don’t think you will be doing that to relax on the durability.

Now, something that you have to consider with this is the size of the printer. It does require good space for storage or usability. So, you may need to create some separate space for the printer at your home.

How is the B9 Creator 3D Printer used?

Right away, the printer doesn’t need any assembly whatsoever. You can quickly get it out of the box and start printing within 15 minutes. The printing process is very similar to any other resin printer. You fill the printer with resin and then load the design on the printer with a USB stick. Then, start printing the model that you desire to print.

This printer has no advanced features, so you can’t expect too much. However, the print quality is more than satisfying with all the details. So, that makes up for the lack of features.

Who or which company is behind the B9 Creator 3D Printer?

B9 creations are the company behind this printer. The company is working dedicatedly to provide excellent 3D printing products and services to its customers. While they aren’t that famous or well-known, they sure deliver quality.

What sets the B9 Creator 3D Printer apart from its competitors?

With this printer, it has to be the attention to detail in every print you do that makes it a choice worth checking out. Also, the fact that you can use all different kinds of resins is a bonus here.

B9 Creator 3D Printer Key Features?

Here are some of the critical features and ratings for this 3D printer.

Print quality

Like any other resin printer out there, this printer also focuses on the details of each print. You can expect great details on all the prints you use this printer. There is nothing to complain about it whatsoever. Even without minimal post-processing, the results are pretty surprising on this.

Ease of usage

First of all, there is no need for assembly in this printer. So, even as a beginner, you won’t have any trouble starting with the printer. As for regular use, you will find it relatively easy to use and navigate through.

Build and design

I won’t say the printer is extraordinary in terms of design. It’s pretty typical in design for a resin printer. However, the build quality is quite impressive. The metal frame and body make it a tough choice for rough usage.


I think the connectivity is where the printer lacks a lot. You don’t get to see advanced features like Wi-fi or the ethernet option. It only offers USB connectivity, which is not as convenient as other options.

Material compatibility

While it lacks connectivity, it shines in the material compatibility. The printer is compatible with almost any kind of resin you can find out there. So, that’s a big positive on the printer to check out.


Summing up the B9 creator review, I think it’s a good option if you seek excellent print quality. The details in print will always end up satisfying you. Is it the best option for the price? I would say no. There are some other printers out there that offer a lot more. However, they may lack the print quality aspect of this printer. So, for the quality, this is a choice worth considering.

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