Overture Filament Review, Overture PLA filament 1.75mm

Are you into 3D printing? Then you already know about one of the best filaments to use for 3D printing. Yes, we are talking about PLA filaments. They are great for 3D printing and provide excellent prints every time.

However, that’s only the case when you use good-quality PLA filament. That’s why we bring you a great quality filament from Overture. It’s the 1.75mm diameter one that we will go through in a detailed overview.

So, if you need a top-quality PLA filament, then check out this one. Let’s get going.

Overture PLA filament 1.75mm specification

  • Colors: 6 colors
  • Material: Polylactic acid
  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Weight: 2.2lbs
  • Suggested Printing Temp: 190-220C
  • Moisture sensibility: Yes

The cons and pros of the product

Don’t like to read too much? You can then go through these pros and cons to see if the filament works for you or not.


• You get quality prints from these filaments without having to tune them majorly.
• The value for money aspect makes them an appealing choice
• You will get smoother extrusion from this filament for a better printing experience.
• The prints you get from this filament are perfect and accurate with the right printing settings.
• Printing with this filament is super easy because of the low printing requirements.
• It doesn’t require a heated bed for the perfect results.


• The color accuracy is a bit off; you can’t expect the same color from the filaments.
• In some printers, it may face adhesion and warping issues.

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Review Methodology

Before we dive into the detailed information, you should know why our opinion even matters. Well, we are a 3D printer tech team that has been working with printers and anything related to them for years. We go through all kinds of 3D printers’ products to help out the people who want to know.

From that point, we went for the overture PLA filament and here sharing our view of it. We also did extensive research before checking it out ourselves. So, what you get here is the user experience of other customers and us. Let’s hop in.

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About the Product

We will begin with taking a look at the product and checking out its features. Then you can decide for yourself whether it’s worthy or not.

What is the product like physically?

Well, it’s a 3D printing filament; there is nothing much to talk about the physical aspect. What you get here is 6 different color choices of the filaments that look guide well at first glance.

You get the spool of this filament with proper packaging that makes sure it doesn’t get damaged anyway. The spools go through a total drying session a day before they are packaged, and they go into a vacuum seal. So, you can tell there is no chance of them going through the moisture effect at all.

There is a length guide on the spool that you can use to know how much of the spool you have left. This comes in very handy for proper filament management.

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How is the product used?

The best part about this filament is they are compatible with most 3D printers. You can print with these while keeping the printing temperature somewhere between 190 to 220C. And their usage is pretty standard as using a 3D printer. As it doesn’t require any initial tuning to print anything, your job becomes much easier than you can expect.

You load the filament into the printer and do the necessary settings on your printing software. Choose the model you want to print and then start the printer up.

What sets the product apart from its competitors?

The quality you get for the amazing price is something unique about this filament. Usually, you would have to pay a lot more to get the quality you get on this printer. You can say this is the most cost-effective PLA filament for top-quality printing results. And it’s compatible with the most popular 3D printers as well.

Product features and rate

Overture Filament Rate
  • Performance and quality
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money


Check out these stats of the filament, and you may be convinced of how good it 

Performance and quality

To start, you get the smoothest printing experience from these filaments due to the clog-free technology. Also, they provide stability in your printing which results in quality prints overall.

You can expect perfect dimensional accuracy from these filaments. They come from top-notch diameter measuring, and the self-adaptive control adds up to the accuracy.

Ease of use

First of all, it’s compatible with most of the printers out there so you won’t have trouble there. Then it comes with the best kind of lines that are tidy and tangle-free. With the combination of the large inner diameter of the spool, you will get the smoothest of feeding altogether.

Value for money

These are the epitome of value for money. The price is very much affordable in terms of 3D printing. Especially when you consider the quality and features of this filament, you can never complain about the price you get on them.

Overture PLA filament Alternatives

The best alternative to these is the Amazon Basics PLA filaments. They are pretty much neck and neck in terms of quality and pricing. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between these two. If you have any issues with this one, then you can go for the Amazon Basics ones.

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In short, Overture PLA filament is a great choice if you are looking for quality at a good price. Because you won’t simply have any complaints with the thing when you take a look at its price, and with the wide compatibility of the filament, you can try it out without giving it too much thought.

They can be a great choice for some print testing due to the low price and high quality. At the same time, you can use them for actual prints as well. So, all in all, they are worth trying out.


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