Carbon 3d printer review: All about Carbon M3 & M3 Max Printers

Enough with the flimsy, inefficient 3D printers. We’re here to introduce the master in this carbon 3D printer review to every keen enthusiast who wants auto layouts, highly efficient software and hardware, excellent build and designs, an easy-to-use interface, and a body and outlook that drips with an elite aura.

Are you ready to meet the 3D printer of your dreams that will redesign your 3D artwork and your mind? You better, because this carbon 3D printer is set out to become your absolute favorite! Let’s dive in to know how this 3D printer climbed its way to the very top.

Before we dive right into it, let’s see how this 3D printer truly stands out based on its star ratings.

carbon 3D printer Performance Ratings
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Design
  • Printing Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Support


carbon M3 and M3 Max 3D printers are set out to become your absolute 3D printing favorite

Carbon M3 and M3 max 3D Printer Specifications

carbon 3d printer

Are you looking for the technical specifics? Don’t worry; in the table below, you will find all the necessary features that you were looking for in this carbon 3d printer review.

Production Repeatability Accuracy: Up to 37μm
General Accuracy: Up to ±65μm+ 1 μm per mm dimension size
XY; Z Resolution: 75μm; 25, 50 or 100 μm
Build Volume ( X x Y x Z): 7.4 x 4.6 x 12.8 inches

Carbon 3d printer Pros and Cons

Okay, so we understand that you’re still a little skeptical about whether or not this product will sail your boat. Here’s what we’ll do next to clear up that cloud. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Carbon 3D printer, and you’ll know for sure if this is the right product for you.


  • The printer looks extremely elegant and posh
  • Can submit high resolution, stiff and strong filament materials
  • The dimensions are stable yet lightweight
  • The features and settings are incredibly easy to navigate
  • Give optimum and consistent performance


  • The filaments may be a bit brittle
  • The stiffness of the materials can sometimes cause clogging in the nozzle

Still not satisfied? Don’t worry; we know just what you need next in this Carbon 3D printer review. We will dive into the overviews of this item so you can finally make up your mind.

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Overview of the Carbon 3d printer

It’s time to review the minute details of these Carbon M3 and M3 max printers. And trust me when I say this, every detail matters! This will illustrate the complete picture of what’s really going on with this printer and if you should make the splurge.

What are the Carbon M3 and M3 max printers like physically?

The exterior is something out of a dream. It has a black and sleek outlook which gives off an elegant and high-end look and feel.

Moreover, this more innovative design also comes with broader space and smooth installation, making operating ever-so-effortless. The silver accents mesh well with the black, shiny, and compact view.

How is the Carbon 3D printer used?

Carbon 3D printer using

The cutting-edge DSL printer can be ideal for many who want a quick print or even those who want to experiment with their designs yet crave a full-blown smooth finish. The carbon printer has an on-printer UI interface that gives you signals and sounds and operates on status lights.

Furthermore, you can function the printer entirely based on its touchscreen. The M3 and M3 max has a more straightforward approach and is built like your mind.

Thus, this next-gen printer comes with permeable optics, adequate temperature and force controls, built-in IR resin heating systems, and a DSL technology that will give out exact orientations with every touch, foot, and hand operation.

How has the Carbon 3D printer evolved from previous models or releases to provide improvements and address issues?

The significant differences in the M3 and M3 max come from the DSL’s evolution, which lets users experience an even better quality in their prints and advanced technology.

The throughput of the designs is 2.5x faster with advanced heat management and enhancements in the dental models. Lastly, the finishes are delicate because of the 30% reduction in variation.

Carbon 3D printer features and performances

Carbon 3D printer performances

Since we’ve already seen the ratings for the carbon printers, we should also see the reasons behind it. This last bit of our carbon 3D printer review will surely clear any remaining confusion you might have.


With smoother outputs and potentially lower forces utilized, the M3 and M3 max have been renowned for their magnificent ease of usage.

Besides getting accustomed to the generic modes, settings, and functions, the machine doesn’t put much stress on the users and takes care of the tasks with zero hassles, quicker results, and lower variations.


The design has been winning hearts since day-1. It’s not only eye-catchy but highly efficient, practical, and manufactured in a manner that’s supposed to serve all of your needs while looking stylish. The compact design is a huge hit, making less hassle and mess while using it too.

Printing Quality

We know that the M3 and M3 max can deliver seamless, smooth, and top-notch finishes. It’s all a part of what this carbon printer does best.

Other than occasional nozzle jams, this printer can operate smoothly for the longest periods and, most importantly, deliver coherent results every time.

Value for Money

Okay, so here’s the deal. It’s not like you’d have to spend an arm and a leg for these printers. However, purchasing one must be a thoughtful investment since it’s such hefty machinery.

Don’t worry; this is where the Carbon printers beat them all. Compared to the bucks spent, the value you acquire is satisfactory and beyond expectations.


Carbon believes in providing accelerated customer service to its loyal users. The team can efficiently troubleshoot the printers and identify the root causes during operation defaults. Moreover, the devices have real-time signals, alerts, and predictive maintenance.

Final Verdict:

Are you someone who’s focused on acquiring the best 3D printers, and doesn’t mind spending a few extra bucks for top-tier, grade-A quality, functionality, build, technology, and 3D prints? Well then, we’ve got news for you.

This carbon 3D printer review must have revealed that this product is perfect for professionals. However, amateurs shouldn’t get intimidated about giving it a shot. If you believe that you will utilize the printers regularly, the value for the money paid will be out of the ballpark.

The trick about 3D printers is that they will need some practice and a learning curve, even if you’re a professional. Once that’s over, it’s only smooth sailing.

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