Exciting Things to 3D Print When Bored –Effective Ideas You Shouldn’t Overlook!

Do you get boring with working in your office? Or, have you had an annoying holiday and nothing new to do? Well, no worries. Just hold your breath and relax. Because I have some ideas on applying things to 3D Print When Bored. Hands down, there are amazing things you can create with such technology and a lot of fun and entertainment!

You can decorate your home with different types of 3D printing ideas, from toys to tissue paper holders. Yes, you can never imagine what I’m going to share today. So, keep your eyes on it till the end.

Funny Things to 3D Print When Bored 

3D printing is a multipurpose activity that can use for many purposes. There is always something exciting to print if your 3D printer works well. So, if you are stuck at home with nothing to do, why not try some objects of funny 3D prints?

Getting creative with 3D printing has never been so easy or funny.

  • Flying Toy Helicopters – A well-known application of 3D printing is in aerospace and scientific research. However, it is also useful for those who love the thrill and the adventure of the airplane.

Imagine flying your toy helicopters with the 3D printer you did not spend so much money on. Surfing on the open sea can be fun 3d prints too. Always protect your designs from the printing head with a modest barrier.

  • Fist Bump Light – Use some leftover glow-in-the-dark paint for this one. You can get any funny things to print. Just make sure to let it dry completely before pouring concrete into the mold. To get the best results, you should see and hear the design on your container’s inside.
  • Balloon-Powered Car – Oliver Heussler’s aluminum car is a fantastic idea for an old-fashioned balloon-powered car. The balloon-powered car is a simple design. One of the advantages of this car manufacture in practically any size is a plus. It’s a terrific project for kids.

It is also available as a kit. For those who already have the supplies, the instructions are available on Thingiverse.

  • Kazoo One of the most interesting things you can 3D print when bored is the kazoo. It is perfect for basic fun things to print and creative home projects. You will have a good time playing it and making music as well.
  • Magnet – If you are a fan of 3D printing, you are probably already familiar with magnets. This design is just another fun way to make them. Just print out the magnet and trace it onto another keep-your-things clean piece of material.
  • Yoyo – These are things you will like to use when you get bored. This toy is designed up of a string and a bearing connected by a string. The 3D-printed yoyo when it comes to creating one with some basic instructions. It depends on the design and length of the strings you want.
  •  Cardboard Molds – Using cardboard molds to manufacture products is a fun and unique way to use 3d printing funny at home. You do not need genuine cardboard to produce something. You can use paper instead and save time and money.
  • Monopoly – If you have ever played Monopoly, you will know what it means. Other things can include here like a plastic container and a few of the little cars with the game.

Print out this design and line up some of your favorite parking spaces next to your property card. Then add equal amounts of red and green pipe insulation for a colorful, realistic look.

  • Funny Face – If you are not ready to get serious about 3D printing things, why not try having some fun? You can choose different materials and it is easy to construct something absurd with unique textures.

Please print this face on paper and then trace it onto a child’s handprint craft sheet. Then fill in the whole thing with concrete in any color you like.

  • Mini Octopus – The mini octopus is a cute little creature that you can make 3D print at home. The only tool you will need is a 3D printer with a Bowden tube. You need a table centerpiece to make smaller 3D printed models.

You can use Plastic filament (PLA) to create this low-cost mini-octopus. 

  • Poly-Panels – The Poly-Panel is a base material to make fashion 3D printed characters. It has a sculptable surface like clay that is easy to work with. It allows for convex and concave features. Poly-Panels give you great flexibility.
  • 3D Printed Bear Sculpture – The bear sculpture has lit up with LEDs that flash on the arms and when you spin it. LEDs will light up for about 30 seconds before extinguishing again.
  • World’s Tiniest Door – This is an interesting idea. You could even make the whole door if you have enough of that plastic. You can make it for fun 3D printing projects.

Just print out the design, trace it onto a piece of cardboard and fill it in with concrete. You might want to use a different color than the one shown in the photo. 

  •   2-tone Whistle – The unique feature of this 3D printed whistle is that it can play two songs simultaneously. A configurable and easy-to-assemble 3D printing model by Gbrito, alias Gabriel Britto.

Craziest Things to 3D Print When Bored

When bored, you can try something new and interesting to get rid of the situation. There is nothing better than 3D printing to feel alive and entertained again. Do not use any weird 3d prints that make you annoyed.

Now, I am exploring crazy 3d prints with different ideas. You cannot believe it is possible in 3D Print.

  • Crazy Concrete Egg Cup

Why not have a little fun with your morning eggs? This egg cup will make breakfast time more interesting. Please print this design on paper using a 3D printer and trace it onto coffee cups or egg trays.

It fit an uncooked chicken egg. Then prepare concrete as directed by the manufacturer and start filling.

  • Plastic Bag Holder

This is the perfect solution if your kitchen has a lot of items. Suppose you need to store in bags such as food, toilet paper, and other similar things. All you must do is print some of these plastic bag holders and hang them on the wall using hooks.

It will make your kitchen look clean and organized.

  • 3D Printable Cup Holder

 This holder is an alternative for the bad habits of having your drink directly on a table. This printable cup holder can stick onto any ordinary table to hold up your drink. And prevent it from falling off while you are working on your laptop.

  • Pen Holder 

It is a cute way to make your deck look nice. You can even make several of these to hold different pens and pencils. Just print out the design, trace it onto a piece of cardboard, and fill it in with concrete.

  • 3D Printing Hangers

Are you coming across a situation where you had a hard time? These crazy 3D printable hangers are the perfect solution for your refreshment. You can print them at home and keep your clothes in perfect order without any struggle.

  • Rock 

Make a rock sculpture using a 3D Print design. Print the rock and trace it out on paper. Then make a few small holes at each spot where it will leave your 3D printer when printing it out.

  • Paper Weight 

This is another funny 3D Print that uses for leftover stickers. Just print out the design on paper and trace it onto a few sheets of sticker labels. Then make a few tiny cuts along the edges of your design and fill in with concrete.

Once that is dry, place some large coins or other heavy objects on top of it to ensure an even texture all around.

  • 3D Printed Ninja Star Keychain

We cannot avoid ninjas for funny 3D printing models. This one will be extremely useful if someone tries to attack you with a real ninja sword. So funny! Actually, it will make you feel relaxed when you are getting bored.

  • Toilet Paper Holder

If you are bored with reaching around for your toilet paper, then it might be a good solution to your problem. Please print out this design and trace it onto a cardboard tube. Then fill in with concrete.

  • Magic 8-Ball 

If you are stuck on a decision, shake this magic 8-Ball little box. You can even enlist a friend to help you with the fun.

  • Towel Holder  

It is not just for holding towels. You can also use it to hold stuff like the remote control or even your phone for easy access.

Be sure to measure the item closely so you can print it off and copy it onto another piece of cardboard. Then fill it in with concrete and make it look nice.

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Some Cool Things to Print 3D When Bored 

There are plenty of cool quick 3D Prints ideas for you to give you a good feeling when you are bored. It can make something to show off your creativity right away. Here are some of the cool small things to 3d print when bored.

  • Toothbrush Case with Ventilation

If you travel a lot or use public transportation, 3D printing toothbrush holders can be the perfect solution for you. These are perfect for bracing people who are afraid of bristles. These holders allow airflow between your brush and the cover to prevent bacteria buildup.

  • Geared Hinge

The geared hinge is one of the items to 3D Print for fun that may use to make a door wind resistant. You can use this type of hinge for large pieces of glass. Because it needs more leverage to hold a heavier weight. 

  • Miniature Vice

The miniature vice is one of the cute things to 3D Print when bored. You can use a miniature vice tool for your hobbies and crafts. It is easy to make and entertain without any tools or machinery.

  • Battery Dispenser

If you want something unique at home, Battery Dispenser may be exactly what you need. You can use it to get your remote control or other small battery-operated devices working again. It is very easy to make one at home with a 3D printer, but you can use any other 3D printer as well.

  •  Coffee Mug

This is another take on the snow globe theme. This time, you will be pouring the concrete into a metal coffee mug. Make sure to clean it well before beginning. Place your mug upside down on top of the design when you print it out.

You can trace this design if you do not have a metal cup instead. Then pour the concrete into whatever kind of cup makes you smile.

  • Bicycle Frame

The bicycle frame is another interesting 3D Print. It is a great material to utilize because it is light and can entirely change the look of your bike. Printing your bicycle frame is both distinctive and functional.

  • Pasta Bag Clip

 Another useful thing you can 3D print is a pasta bag clip. Use a pasta bag clip to keep garments clean and wrinkle-free while dirty. 

  • Caravan Birdhouse

The caravan birdhouse is another practical thing. It is also a good project to try at home if you are interested in designing. It is easy to make and can be a cool way to attract birds to your yard.

  • Tape Dispenser

Finally, Tape dispenser is a very simple thing to make you cool. It is fun to use. You don’t need any tools or materials to make it at home. So, you can try it easily.

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Final Words!

Bored people need creativity to relax for a while. 3D printing allows anyone to make almost anything they can imagine. Printing things can be a great way to pass the time and learn new skills.

If you find too much time on your hands, try some simple 3D printed objects. So I’d highly suggest making some fun things to 3D print when bored.


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