Anet ET4 pro 3D Printer review: Looking for the best budget printer?

People seem to be interested in 3D printing more than ever. This sudden interest hike has resulted in numerous budget-friendly 3D printers in the market. However, finding a quality one among those products remained a challenge until I came across the Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer.

Inside a considerably smaller form factor, Anet has managed to pack quite a few exciting features. Those features resulted in an excellent performance in the real-life test, which motivated me to review this printer today for you. So, without further ado, let’s get into the Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer review, and see what it holds for us.  

Before we head into the main discussion, let’s look at this rating table. Here, I have rated different aspects of Anet ET4 Pro to give you a primary overview of the product.

Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer Performance Ratings
  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Durability
  • Looks


The Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer offers an all-metal body despite the low price tag

Anet ET4 pro 3D Printer

Anet ET4 pro 3D Printer Specifications

The technical specification of Anet ET4 Pro will give you an idea about the performance of this 3D printer. Whether this specification will translate to performance, I’ll discuss later. For now, let’s see what this printer is offering.

  • Build Volume: 220 mm x 220 mm x 250 mm
  • Technology: FDM
  • Software: PreForm
  • Supported filament: ABS, PLA, HIPS etc.
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Printing Speed: 20-150mm/s
  • Connectivity: USB, Micro SD and Ethernet
  • Printing Accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • Printing Speed (Max.): 150mm/s
Anet ET4 3D spec

Anet ET4 Pro 3D Printer Pros and Cons

Any purchasing decision is made by weighing the pros and cons of a particular product. That’s why this segment is pretty essential. If the disadvantages seem significant to you, you might want to avoid that product. Here is the list of pros of cons of Anet ET4 Pro.


  • Automatic bed leveling is one of the biggest benefits of this 3D printer. This printer will free people from the complex manual leveling process for people who are new to 3D printing.
  • The Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer offers an all-metal body despite the low price tag. Very few budget 3D printers can come close to this one in terms of durability.
  • The filament runout sensor makes the user experience very convenient. The sensor alerts you whenever the filament runs out.
  • There is a power recovery mode with the Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer. So if the power goes out by accident, that won’t ruin your print. After the power comes back, the printer will resume printing where it left off.
  • For beginners, controlling a 3D printer can be overwhelming. So, to make the experience easier for users, Anet ET4 Pro has a simple UI with a 2.8-inch 3D printer.


  • The open printing chamber can be a matter of concern. Because of the open space, the prints can easily get affected by outside variables like temperature.
  • The printer itself is very compact. However, if you plan to print bigger stuff, the small printing volume might stop you from doing that.
Anet ET4 3D unbox

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What is the Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer like physically?

You’ll notice Anet ET4 Pro has a solid metal construction right out of the box. The body is almost naked with an open printing area. Though a chamber would have been much appreciated, I don’t want to complain about it considering the price. The printing base is situated on a metal base. The control panel is located at the right bottom of the printer base.

Anet ET4 printer

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How is the Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer used?

One thing I love about this 3D printer is that it comes semi assembles out of the box. For beginners, a full-blown printer assembly could have been a nightmare. Instead, they can start printing right out of the box by attaching the main components like the gantry, print head, filament spool, and the pillars.

Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer Key features

I have talked about some of the key features that mostly affect buying decisions in this segment. I have rated them according to their performance to give you a clear idea. So let’s have a look.

Anet ET4 3D performance

Print performance

To get some primary idea about the print performance, I immediately get to print some basic stuff. The outcome was decent enough, but there was some catch. First, the auto-leveling didn’t work well in the first few attempts. Then, there were some ghosting issues when printing at a higher speed. Overall, whether you want to deal with these issues is totally up to you.

Print volume

The print volume of the Anet ET4 3D printer isn’t something too big. But considering the portability, form factor, and price tag, you shouldn’t expect something massive either. Within the print volume, you should be able to print some decent small objects easily. But if you want to print larger objects, better try some other printer.

Anet ET4 3D durability


Anet ET4 Pro might cut corners here and there to keep the price low, but that doesn’t happen in the durability section. This printer has a strong aluminum frame. So, you won’t have to worry about parts breaking from pressure whenever you carry it somewhere else. Moreover, the wires are mostly tucked inside the frame, giving it a clean look.

Assembly and Use

The assembly was pretty simple. Four bolts secured the gantry to the base. As for other parts, they can be easily installed by following the manual within 10 minutes. After powering up, the control panel will take you through the rest of the setup process. As for slicing software, Anet recommends Cura, Repetier, and Simplify 3D. You can use any software out of this three according to your convenience.

Anet ET4 3D use

Final Verdict

That’s a wrap for the Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer review. As a 3D printing enthusiast, I have used my fair share of compact and budget-friendly 3D printers. But, to be honest, very few of them impressed me the way Anet ET4 Pro did. All metal build auto bed leveling in such low priced package; easy filament reloads, everything about this 3D printer screams value for money.

The best part is that the budget-friendly price tag doesn’t skimp on the features. So if you are looking to put your feet in the 3D printing scenario or want to get your kid interested in 3D printing, you shouldn’t look any further than the Anet ET4  Pro 3D printer.

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