Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer review: A treat for fast printing lovers

We all have a checklist when choosing a 3D printer. If you are in the game long enough, you will most likely want something large, easy to use, cost-effective, and fast. While other expectations can be met, there are not many options left when it comes to super-fast 3D printers. So, today, I have brought you the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer review, a perfect machine that wants quick printing results. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what this 3D printer offers.

Before we head into the detailed review, let’s have a quick look over some crucial aspects of Dynao3D Onepro in this table. As we advance, this table will further help you get your priorities straight and help you decide according to the priorities.  

Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer Performance Ratings
  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Durability
  • Looks


The first advantage of the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer is the massive printing area.

Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer

Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer Specifications

These technical specifications will give you an idea about what you can achieve from this 3D printer. Though it’s not a sure indication of performance, it’s a teaser of the printer’s true performance.

  • Max. printing speed: 450 mm/s
  • Printing area: 210 × 210 × 410 mm
  • Max build Volume: 18.081 L
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Supported filament: PLA, ABS, etc.
  • Number of extruders: 2
  • Connectivity: USB, WI-FI, SD card
  • Technology: Extrusion
Dynamo3D Onepro spec

Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer Pros and Cons

This segment points out the advantages and disadvantages of the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer. If the advantages align with your priorities, you should get the printer. But, in the same way, you don’t need to purchase if you want to avoid the same stuff as the disadvantages.


  • The first advantage of the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer is the massive printing area. Don’t let the area limit your imagination.
  • The next advantage of Dynamo3D Onepro is its lightning-fast printing speed. So when time is short, the speed shouldn’t hamper your project completion.
  • The 3.5-inch touch control panel is another significant advantage of the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer. But, again, there are so many valuable features that are well-optimized.
  • Pause and resume ability are very important for any printer. Dynamo3D Onepro has that feature, allowing you to start printing just where you left it.
  • Though the close source platform is a drawback, the filament and slicing software is open. This means you can use pretty much any filament or slicing software with this printer without any issue.


  • This 3D printer doesn’t come with auto bed leveling. Since this feature is very common in high-end 3D printers, it can be a deal-breaker for many.
  • The platform is completely closed-source. So, taking advantage of a powerful machine entirely depends on the manufacturer.

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What is the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer like physically?

You’ll notice about this 3D printer right out of the box how tall this printer is. Inside an all-metal frame, the printing area is 410 mm in length. If you plan to print stiff that is tall; this printer will be convenient. The touch control pane is located on the front side of the printer base. There is no sealed chamber for printing, so there are chances for prints to be affected by outside variables.

How is the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer used?

The printer comes semi-assembled out of the box. And the rest of the assembly was pretty straightforward, at least according to me. However, if you are a beginner, you might need some external help. All the controls are available on the front display of the printer. Apart from the basic commands, advanced controls like acceleration and motor overstepping can also be controlled from the touch panel.

Dynamo3D Onepro features

Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer Key features

Print performance

I was pretty satisfied with the printing performance of the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer. Besides, you can use pretty much any filament you want. So, that’s another good thing here. However, the claim of 450mm/s printing speed is limited by terms and conditions. Without following those, the printing result at a higher speed might not be satisfactory.

Print volume

The print volume of the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer is considerably large. I mean, that’s what you should expect from a massive printer like this. Especially the length of the volume is absolutely massive, allowing you to print taller prints. I have tried a few test printing at max volume, and I love the enormity of those prints.


I think the durability of this printer doesn’t need any further discussion at this point. Like any large-scale printer on the market, the whole thing is constructed inside a metal frame. Though there are some plastic parts, they shouldn’t be a concern since you will not carry the printer around with you.

Assembly and Use

Unlike those bare-bone 3D printer kits, Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer comes semi-assembled out of the box. This means you can start printing right out of the box after a few minutes of final assembly. Though this is not a beginner-level printer, the easy assembly and user-friendly UI make it look like so. The manufacturer advises no particular slicing software so that you can use any third-party software. Though a closed source platform, GH makes frequent upgrades to it a quick to react if any bug pops up.

Final Verdict

Here we are at the end of the Dynamo3D Onepro 3D printer review. Again, let me clarify that this machine is a blessing if your target is fast printing. I agree there is a fair amount of sprinkles of other features too. But those aren’t something that can’t be found in other 3D printers on the same budget.

Moreover, you must understand that this speed is not realistic unless you print at a super low resolution. Overall, depending on your price, Dynamo3D has a lot to offer in its price range. So, if you want speed, look no further and get this 3D printer today.

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