What’s the difference between Reality LD 002r vs. Mars Pro?

Let’s get one thing straight, finding out the best printer for your 3D model purposes can be very difficult. It gets much harder to do, especially when deciding between two quality choices. One of those hard situations is choosing between Creality LD 002R vs Mars pro. How do you choose between them?

Both the 3D printers tend to be very close in competition. The only way you can choose between the Reality LD 002r and Mars Pro is by considering the print speed and safety measures. If you are thinking about print speed, then I would say Creality LD 002R is a great pick because it prints faster. On the other hand, Elegoo Mars Pro will suit you better if you are worried about safety.

However, it still isn’t enough information to make a decision that satisfies you. That’s why I would encourage you to go through this whole comparison I am about to get into. So, you get all the information you need for a better buying decision.

Comparison table with the technical specifications of the printers

Are you looking for something specific in your reality ld 002r and mars pro 3D printer? If that’s the case, you can check out the comparison table with all the printers’ specifications.

FeaturesCreality LD-002RElegoo Mars Pro
Printing processLCDLCD/TFT
Display3.5-inch touch screen3.5-inch LCD touch screen
Print speed70mm/h22.5mm/h
Dimensions221 x 221 x 403mm200 x 200 x 410mm
Build volume119 x 65 x 160mm120 x 68 x 155mm
Layer thickness0.02 – 0.05mm0.01 – 0.2mm

These specs tell you about the technical stuff, not what this printer provides you. So, if you want to choose between one of them based on performance and other factors, I think you will still need to dive into its depth. Let’s get ahead and check out the choices in depth.

Creality LD 002r vs. mars pro 3D printer Comparison

Now, I don’t want to dive directly into the comparison because, to be honest, they aren’t that different in terms of quality. Both of the options are quite good.

That’s why I will go through these options individually, so you can see what each of them has to offer. Then, you can compare the options and see which suits your needs the best.

About Creality LD 002

Starting with the choice from Creality, all I can say is that you will hardly have anything to complain about this 3D printer. Even though it’s a 3D printer kit, it involves a very easy assembly process that you can follow within minutes to set this one up.

Creality LD 002 3D Printer Features

Coming to the features of this printer, all I can do is praise the edge smoothing technology they use in this printer. Because of this technology, you will end up with very precise prints and retain a lot of details in them. This makes the 3D printed models appear much smoother than you would anticipate.

Another key feature of this printer is printing multiple prints simultaneously. This helps greatly save up a lot of your time, and you can publish a lot more stuff within a limited time. If all the parts you want to print can fit within the build volume, printing them shouldn’t have any problem.

Creality LD 002 Build and design

The build quality is surely something to appreciate on this one. It’s a very sturdy build with some protective measures to save you from the harmful effects of the fume. It has a covering to protect the printer’s internal components from any damage from the outside.

As for the design, it looks pretty stylish and modern. The display you see on this printer is very easy to use and maintain. So, it’s still a good choice for the beginners out there.

Advantages of Creality LD 002r

Let’s check out the advantages or pros you get from having this printer. This will clear all your worries about why this printer is so good.

  • The printing accuracy you get with this printer is very high
  • The prints are usually very detailed because of the resin material
  • The printing speed on this printer is super-fast
  • It’s quite reasonable in the pricing
  • You can expect smooth and detailed prints from this
  • The ease of assembly of the printer is quite impressive
  • It comes with amazing low odor formula

You can see how much value you can get from this printer regarding the benefits. However, you also have to think about the cons or drawbacks too. So, let’s get through those also.

Disadvantages of Creality LD 002R

Luckily, there aren’t many disadvantages or cons of the printer. Still, the ones you get to see are worth mentioning. Here are the drawbacks that come with this Creality LD 002R printer.

  • The first problems are that the prints you do with this printer occasionally require you to use support points.
  • Sometimes, you will notice a loud noise coming from the printing process.

In truth, these aren’t issues that affect the performance. Also, these aren’t things you will have to bother about all the time. These things don’t happen that often. So, you can still get this one unless the cons are a big deal for you.

About Elegoo Mars Pro

I must say that, in the world of resin printers, Elegoo Mars is already a popular choice amongst a lot of people. So, you can rely on the quality of this printer without any questions asked.

However, to make an informed decision, I suggest going through the in-depth overview of the printer.

Features of the Elegoo Mars Pro

I have to admit, the fact that this printer comes with proper safety gear like a mouthguard and gloves makes it a very appealing choice. With this one, you won’t have to worry too much about the safest option, and you can get into the printing work. Also, you won’t have to buy the safety gear separately.

Although the best part of this printer has to be that it doesn’t require any assembly, you can get it out of the box, and it’s all ready for use. Even though it’s so easy to use, it still provides quality and potential for use in some professional scenarios.

Build and design the Elegoo Mars Pro 3D printer

You can’t point out any flaws or issues with the build of this 3D printer because it comes with a high-quality build material for maximum sturdiness. The design supports durability, so you can rely on this printer to last long.

As for the design, the only thing I can point out is the placement of the USB port. I don’t think the USB port placement is in the best place. It’s a bit awkward to access the port properly, and it doesn’t feel convenient.  

Advantages of Elegoo Mars pro 

Now, let’s get through the pros of this printer and see how good this printer truly is.

  • Comes with all the protective gears you need for safe use of the printer
  • You can expect excellent printing quality and results from this printer
  • The printer has very reasonable pricing.
  • It doesn’t involve any assembly before usage.
  • It’s very easy to use even for beginners and still has features for professional usage
  • The removable cover makes it much more convenient to use

This is surely a pretty handy choice for you. You can get excellent features from the printer, and most importantly, this provides you with a superior print quality for the price. Still, there are some things you have to still consider as drawbacks and see whether they affect your buying decision or not.

Disadvantages of Elegoo Mars pro

You get the following drawbacks or disadvantages with the printer. Let’s take a quick look at them –

  • The printer’s fan is very loud, so you have to be prepared for that.
  • It’s not the best printer for long hours of use.

Once again, there aren’t any performance issues with this printer in particular. They are just issues that you can live with or avoid.

Final words

Wrapping things up, which one is better between Creality LD002R vs. Mars Pro? Both of them are equal in terms of print quality and performance. However, if you ever want to decide on one printer, you can consider two factors.

The first one is the print speed or quick printing results. If you need fast results and want a higher printing speed, then Creality LD002R is a perfect choice. As for safety purposes, I would say Elegoo Mars Pro is the choice for you because it comes with safety gears in the package.

Other than these two factors, you won’t find many differences between the two options. So, choosing between the printers comes down to these two factors only.


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