3D Printed Slug; 4 Slug Models for Your 3D Printer

If you follow the 3D printing trend well, you’ll know that these slimy creatures make for great 3D printing subjects regardless of what people think about slugs. Now, we know that it is not environmentally friendly to grab a Slug, kill it and use its dried parts to decorate your house. And you can set it on your shelf as an artistic piece.

That’s quite brutal. But with 3D printers around, you can easily print out excellent 3D Slug models designed by people worldwide. To help you streamline your search for incredible 3D Slug models that’ll make for a beautiful piece of art or other purposes, we’ve gathered some of the best 3D printed Slug models around the world. Buckle up as we’re about to dive into this article.

Banana slugs

The first incredible 3D printed Slug is the Banana Slug. Designed by the user called Scanlime on Thingiverse, these 3D printed slugs are yellowish. Perhaps that’s why they are called Banana Slugs.

But the fact that the designer made it Yellow doesn’t mean you can’t print a copy for yourself unless it is in color yellow. Feel free to experiment with colors in this Banana Slug. One way to print your Banana Slug with high resolution is by increasing the polygon count.

The best part about the Banana Slugs is that several users on Thingiverse have done quite a few good remixes of this Slug model. One good remix you’ll find is the remix by smwombat. One of the many remixes allows you to turn this Banana Slug into a fantastic pendant. It is the banana-slug heart pendant by gasstationwithoutpumps on Thingiverse.

Articulated slugs

One look at this 3D printed slug model is enough to see why it’s called an articulated slug. The reason is, it looks very realistic as it looks and moves like a real slug. But that’s not all. Although this Slug looks and moves like a realistic Slug, it is not slimy and shelly like regular Slugs. Instead, the designer created it with articulated joints while deploying the “print-in-place” style to make it wiggle.

You got the same result as the designer when he published it; he offers some tips to print this Slug articulately. According to Isaiah (the designer on Thingiverse), you have to print this 3D Slug model at 0.1mm high resolution and a low speed of 30mm per second.

Printing with these setting tips would give your Slug beautiful tight clearances. It would also ensure the steep overhangs and thin walls are well pronounced. Since you’re going to print at low speed, it’ll take you up to eight hours to print thisSlug model.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4727448

Realistic slugs

The only downside to this Slug is that while it looks no different from a wild Slug, it does not move. Although the articulated Slug moves like a realistic Slug, it doesn’t come close to this 3D printed Slug. Nevertheless, its detail is exact. The best printer to use in printing this is a resin 3D printer.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t print it on an FDM printer. You’ll only need to make some adjustments. For instance, you’ll have to print in high resolution when printing with an FDM printer. It’ll help you retain the detail on the Slug.

Also, when taking out the support structures from the tentacles, you have to do it with absolute care. This fantastic realistic 3D printed Slug was printed by scanline. It is pretty popular on Thingiverse as quite a few people have published this model but on the resin 3D printer, which adds to its beauty.

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Futurama slugs

The Futurama Slug is another epic 3D printed Slug that you should attempt to print. Although this model was remixed from a random Thingiverse user’s original 3D brain slug design, this version is a lot more popular.

The best part about this Slug is that you don’t need special instruction to print out this exact slug model.

Of course, it’s because this version is more advanced with lovely details. After printing, feel free to paint it with any color of your choice. The fact that it comes in color green doesn’t mean you should stick to the green color.

The only thing you need to be careful of when printing this Slug is the Tentacle. You have to ensure that it doesn’t break or snap. While this is a remixed model, other remixes have sprung from this model, including a futurama slug hair clip by random users.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3628959

Wrap Up

Printing 3D Slugs is an incredible adventure. With dozens of 3D slug designs to choose from on Thingiverse, you’d indeed have a swell time. More so, you don’t necessarily need to print out the exact 3D Slug design and make it look identical. Feel free to play around.

For starters, there are dozens of remixes of these fantastic 3D Slug designs on Thingiverse. Feel free to choose any of these other remixes. Luckily, you find these remixes in products that you can integrate into your life, like the Futumana Slug hair clip.

You could print out many hair clips and gift them to a child or your tween sister. The point is, you can have fun with any 3D printed Slug model you choose to print.


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